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Adam Britton: Renowned crocodile expert pleads guilty to raping over 40 dogs whom he called ‘f*** toys’

Most of the pooches Adam Britton, 51, abused have reportedly died
Adam Britton has confessed that he abused dogs (Facebook/ Adam Britton)
Adam Britton has confessed that he abused dogs (Facebook/ Adam Britton)

AUSTRALIA: A famous zoologist, who has worked with natural historian David Attenborough as well as the BBC and National Geographic, has now been proven to be an animal abuser.

The UK-born Adam Britton admitted to sexually torturing over 42 dogs from 2014 until his April 2022 arrest. The man called the pooches ‘f*** toys’, the Daily Mail reported.

It has also been said that 39 dogs died from the abuse.

How did Adam Britton get access to dogs?

Reports have said that the 51-year-old crocodile expert raped his own dogs, Ursa and Bolt, for years along with requesting other pet owners to leave their canines under his care.

Britton reportedly used an online marketplace website called Gumtree Australia to look for people who were ready to give away their pets because of work or other commitments.

Not only did the man, an academic at Charles Darwin University in northern Australia, sexually assault the animals in a shipping container, but he also used to make videos of it.

Britton reportedly shared these sick footage and photos online on Telegram using “Monster” and “Cerberus” as his account names.

Prosecutor Marty Aust told the Northern Territory (NT) Supreme Court, “Using these applications, the offender discussed his ‘kill count’.”

One such message from him was, “I had repressed it. In the last few years, I let it out again, and now I can't stop. I don't want to.”

Another message he shared on Telegram read, “Owner is looking for a good ‘forever home’ for their beloved pooch, make sure you offer them one… telling them you want a new family member after your old dog died from cancer last year hardly ever fails.”

What are the charges Adam Britton pled guilty to?

On Monday, September 25, the married man pled guilty to 47 counts of animal cruelty as well as four counts of accessing and transmitting child abuse material.

Chief Justice Michael Grant reportedly said, “These facts contain material that can only be described as grotesque and perverse acts of cruelty which is confronting and distressing and which in my assessment have the potential to cause nervous shock.”

How was Adam Britton caught?

Britton’s crimes came to light last year after one of the sick videos he posted online was given to the Northern Territory Animal Welfare Branch before being eventually transferred to the police.

Britton was taken into custody in April. His sentencing hearing is expected to take place in December.

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