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Adorable pics of Travis and Jason Kelce as babies go viral amid Chiefs star's romance with Taylor Swift

Jason and Travis's mother Donna Kelce has also given access to rare childhood pictures of the NFL players
Travis Kelce shared baby picture with brother Jason Kelce (@jason.kelce,@killatrav/Instagram)
Travis Kelce shared baby picture with brother Jason Kelce (@jason.kelce,@killatrav/Instagram)

LOS AGELES, CALIFORNIA: Jason and Travis Kelce were aspirational young athletes in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, before they became NFL stars.

Currently social media is ablaze with pictures of the brothers as infants, as Travis, 34, basks in the glow of a developing romance with Taylor Swift.

Jason and Travis Kelce's childhood picture

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Jason, 35, and his younger brother are shown as babies side by side in the sweet picture Travis posted on Instagram in 2013. Jason is on the left holding a toy football, and Travis is approaching the camera while wearing a red sweater.

In his caption on the Sept. 19, 2013 post, Travis wrote, "#KELCE vs #KELCE.... I might not be playing tonight vs my bro but who are you all taking in a #BabyKelceBrawl?"

Despite Travis's knee injury that kept him out of the game in 2013, the Chiefs defeated Jason's Philadelphia Eagles 26–16. The brothers squared off in the 2023 Super Bowl, which NFL fans dubbed "The Kelce Bowl" at the time, ten years later.

Donna Kelce shares rare childhood throwback

Jason and Travis's mother, Donna Kelce, gave access to rare childhood pictures of the NFL players prior to the big game in February, as reported by People.

Since both Jason and Travis "were very good at a lot of sports," Donna said that at the time that she and their father, Ed Kelce, "didn't know what sport they were going to pick" to pursue professionally.

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Donna claims that when they were younger, they were both excellent in baseball, basketball, lacrosse, football, and soccer. Jason also explored wrestling in his younger years. "I think Jason liked lacrosse the best and Travis liked basketball the best," she recalled.

Another old picture of the Kelces family features a young Travis, who is currently a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, completely decked out in Browns gear.

Travis is standing next to Jason, who is currently a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, who is dressed more casually in blue jeans, a red t-shirt, and a windbreaker outside the family's house.

Donna says Jason and Travis 'do not like to lose'

(Getty images)
(Getty Images)

According to Donna, there has always been an equal level of competition between Jason and Travis.

She said, "They do not like to lose. That's why they're the professionals that they are. It's give everything you can. When you don't think you have any more in the tank, you push harder and you find out how far you can stretch yourself."

A few years later, the boys are shown wearing the uniforms from Cleveland Heights High School, where their aspirations of playing football began to come true.

Donna remembers those happy days she spent taking the boys to competitions before they were signed by the NFL. She said, "My most favorite games were Bearcat games at the University of Cincinnati, just because of my camaraderie with the parents."

Donna explained, "You're with those kids and parents for five years, Nobody's getting traded, nobody's quitting and going to another school. It's just you're with these people on the road, in rain and cold and snow and sleet and everything else. And you get really close bonds with those individuals."

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