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Airbnb ‘tenant from hell' refuses to vacate, lives rent-free for 18 months while demanding $100K fine

'It is the home of the tenant until the landlord gets a judgment,' the guest’s lawyer Amanda Seward said
(Representational Image - Pexels/Luis Quintero)
(Representational Image - Pexels/Luis Quintero)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: An Airbnb guest has been described as a “tenant from hell” after she continued to occupy the property exceeding the terms of the contract while demanding $100,000 from the homeowner.

The New York Post reported that Elizabeth Hirschhorn took a guest home of Sascha Jovanovic on rent in September 2021 for six months while agreeing to pay $105 per night.

The contract between the woman and the owner for property occupancy reportedly ended in April last year but Hirschhorn did not vacate and has currently been living at the guest house without even making any payment for it.

What did the judge say?

Shockingly, a judge reportedly announced their verdict in favor of the Airbnb guest.

The judge recently gave the judgment complying with Los Angeles’ new Just Cause Ordinance, which “prohibits terminations of tenancies without just cause and requires relocation assistance for no-fault evictions.”

Lawsuit and countersuit

This came after in June, Jovanovic, who is a dentist by profession, filed a lawsuit against Hirschhorn, CBS News reported.

In response, the woman filed a countersuit last month, accusing the owner of harassment and keeping the property in a condition that made her sick.

Court papers also claimed that he "knew or should have known that their unlawful conduct caused [her] to suffer loss or encumbrance of a primary residence or assets."

Besides, another allegation against Jovanovic was that “the city never approved the guest house for occupancy, and its shower was constructed without a permit,” as per The Post.

Hirschhorn’s attorney, Amanda Seward, claimed that “$100,000 is [Jovanovic’s] cheapest way of getting off the whole ordeal.”

“It is the home of the tenant until the landlord gets a judgment, however distasteful that is to your client,” Seward stated.

Another lawyer of the tenant said, “The landlord broke the law and tried to make money by renting out an illegal bootleg unit.”

“After he was caught, instead of doing the right thing, he has resorted to bullying, harassment, and the filing of frivolous lawsuits containing elaborate false stories, all in an attempt to cover his tracks,” Colin Walshok added.

But Jovanovic’s attorney Sebastian Rucci dismissed the allegations while calling Hirschhorn “the tenant from hell.”

Rucci also said, “We will not negotiate with Elizabeth Hirschhorn. We will not accept any settlement where Sascha has to pay her.”

“We will evict her, the police will throw her out, she will owe Sascha over $60,000 in back rent, and we will make sure everyone in Los Angeles is aware of her abuse of the system for an improper purpose," the lawyer added.

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