Alfie Philips: 18-month-old boy allegedly killed by mother and her partner suffered 70 injuries

Alfie Philips' blood and urine samples contained cocaine, and both suspects confessed to doing drugs while he was sleeping nearby

Alfie Philips: 18-month-old boy allegedly killed by mother and her partner suffered 70 injuries
Alfie Philips died in 2020 (Kent Police)

MAIDSTONE, ENGLAND: A trial into the murder of a year-and-a-half-old child has revealed he endured 70 bruises allegedly at the hands of his mother and her then partner.

The torture of Alfie Philips was part of an “aggressive, violent” way of punishing him, the Daily Mail reported.

When did Alfie Philips die?

It has been said that the 18-month-old tot died on November 28, 2020, in Hernhill, Kent. His numerous injuries included fractures to his leg, ribs, and arms.

The victim was also allegedly suffocated by his 27-year-old mother Sian Hedges and her ex-partner Jack Benham, 35, Maidstone Crown Court was told on Wednesday, October 4.

Also, on Tuesday, the court heard that the toddler’s blood and urine samples contained cocaine, and both the suspects had confessed to doing drugs while Philips was sleeping nearby inside the caravan of Benham.

Prosecutor asserts Sian Hedges and Jack Benham were both complicit in torture

Prosecutor Jennifer Knight KC reportedly said, “It is clear that he had been deliberately injured on more than one occasion, culminating in an assault perpetrated on him during the night of 27 to 28 November 2020 that led to his death.”

“Jack Benham and Sian Hedges were in the caravan together throughout the night,” she further stated, before noting, “'Had either defendant not been joining in with the assaults, that defendant who was not part of it would have stopped the attack and removed Alfie Philips from the caravan, and from the presence of the other who was carrying out these attacks.”

The prosecutor also added, “The fact that this did not happen can only be because both defendants agreed that the assaults should take place... they both agreed in meting out some sort of aggressive, violent ‘discipline’ to Alfie that night which resulted in his death.”

‘Poor little Alfie’

Meanwhile, the case has attracted a lot of attention online with a user posting, “You deserved more, Alfie. I'm sorry your short time in this world was so cruel.”


Another tweeted, “The perpetrators need to be visited by a carving knife, blow-torch, and a pair of pliers.”


A third commented, “Time to bring back capital punishment. Seriously the world is not a great place. Laws need to be changed, they’re outdated.”


“I wish I hadn't read that. That poor baby trapped in a caravan with those absolute monsters probably woke up wanting a cuddle or some comfort, and they beat him for disturbing their 'fun'. Poor little Alfie,” someone added.