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'Anathema to their values': Timothee Chalamet's family concerned over Kylie Jenner's 'influence' on actor

Timothee Chalamet's parents are displeased about Kylie Jenner's 'excessive spending, plastic surgery, and lack of education'
Kylie Jenner has allegedly been 'telling people she's in love' with her new man Timothee Chalamet (@kyliejenner, tchalamet/Instagram)
Kylie Jenner has allegedly been 'telling people she's in love' with her new man Timothee Chalamet (@kyliejenner, tchalamet/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet are one of Hollywood's most secretive couples. Recently, the two made their relationship "official" by making out in front of the cameras at a Beyonce concert and then showing up at the US Open finals to make out in the stands.

However, a source claims that Chalamet's family is now concerned over the "influence" Jenner may have on their boy.


Timothee Chalamet's family says Kylie 'lacks education'


A source close to the 'Dune' star's Yale-educated mother, Nicole Flender, and French-writer father, Marc Chalamet, said, "What she [Jenner] and her family represent — the excessive spending, plastic surgery, lack of education — is anathema to their values," as reported by OK Magazine.

Pauline Chalamet criticized Kylie Jenner's wealth

When Pauline Chalamet called out the wealthy and famous for using their privilege on Instagram, Chalamet's sister subtly disparaged the reality star who owns an aircraft.

"If your job requires a college degree, you should be able to write off your student loan payments as a business expense the way CEOs write off their private jets and yachts for their jobs which require neither," the famous actor's sibling wrote in a Facebook post.

The founder of Kylie Cosmetics is also aware of how Chalamet's loved ones are feeling. "It really burns, especially since her sisters and mom have been so welcoming to Timothee," the insider said of Jenner.

As previously reported by OK!, the new Hollywood power couple have intensified their affection in recent weeks after being photographed holding hands at a Beyonce concert and in the audience at the US Open Finals.

An insider said, "They've been together now for several months, and while they've flown under the radar, it's quite serious."

'Timothee is a total gentleman'

The source continued to list Jenner's favorite qualities in her boyfriend, saying, "Timothee is a total gentleman and treats [Kylie] with respect. He's very charming and he makes her laugh, and he's easy to talk to."

This is Jenner's first relationship since splitting up with Travis Scott, the father of her children Stormi, 5, and Aire, 1, earlier this year.

Kylie Jenner is in 'love' with Timothee Chalamet

The mother of two has allegedly been "telling people she's in love" with her new man. "Anyone who looks at them together can see he feels the same way," the insider claimed.

Chalamet and Jenner are happier than ever, but the 'Call Me By Your Name' actor won't appear on the Kardashian family's Hulu show any time soon, although the Kardashian clan has welcomed him with open arms.

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