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Comedian Leslie Jones Makes Brilliant Speech on Life | “You Are in Control of Your Happiness, Not Your Job”

When Leslie Jones was asked if she was thinking about quitting comedy she had an amazing insight to share
Cover Image Source:  (L) Getty Images/David Livingston (representative), (R) Twitter/Ryan Mitchell
Cover Image Source: (L) Getty Images/David Livingston (representative), (R) Twitter/Ryan Mitchell

Leslie Jones who left school to pursue comedy, as per PEOPLE, was recently asked on the show The View if she was going to quit comedy before she made an entry in SNL. Responding to that question Jones shared an amazing perspective where she talked about how you can control your happiness. Jones expressed herself and how she felt about people talking about her quitting comedy. 

Jones started by pausing for a second and then decided to answer the question where she was asked "Right before you got the 'SNL' Gig, you were thinking about quitting comedy." Jones said "People love to throw that about to quit comedy. There’s no about to quit something I have been doing for 20, 30 years." Jones explained that sometimes there is frustration and rethinking about maybe the path chosen isn't the right one. 


Jones went ahead and explained her perspective towards it beautifully and said, "Maybe I’m not taking the right path to get to where I need to be, and at that time, I was older. I was a headliner, and I was doing these gigs and you know how the gigs is." Jones also said she was in Indianapolis when she thought she might not get the SNL show. She said, "I was just sitting in that hotel room, and you’re old. Like, I just had to fight the promoter for my money. I don’t know how much longer I can do this" 

Jones further talked about how you are in charge of your happiness and how you can control it but not other things around you. She said, "It's okay to come home and go, 'I want to quit'." Jones added, "You are in control of your happiness. You are. Not your job, not your love, not your money and not your environment." 


Jones stands by the thought that if something doesn't give you the happiness you should not go behind it. She said, "you are not happy, find out what makes you happy. If there’s a goal, you not dead. You can start at 99 and you're not dead." This perspective of Jones is being appreciated by people online and many are able to relate to it. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jon Kopaloff
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jon Kopaloff

A user named Nerd Melon wrote in the Twitter comments "Every time this wonderful lady opens her mouth, I think I love her a little more. Leslie Jones is a blessing on the world (though I think complaining can help us solve problems sometimes by helping us identify and brainstorm; it's just important not to get stuck there)."  Another user named RPunsalanArt wrote, "Absolutely. As a professional creative of 30-some years… there are those ‘I’m so over this shit’ moments. Then it’s back at it because it’s what you do, who you are and what you need like breathing." 

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