Couple charged for animal cruelty after their dog with ‘maggot-infested' wound was euthanized

Trista Tramposch and Anthony Nunez have maintained their innocence and claimed to be 'not abusive'

Couple charged for animal cruelty after their dog with ‘maggot-infested' wound was euthanized
Trista Tramposch and Anthony Nunez have been accused of animal abuse (Pima County Sheriff’s Office)

PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA: A pair has been arrested after being accused of being abusive toward hundreds of animals under their care.

Trista Tramposch and Anthony Nunez, both aged 53, have 128 chickens, three geese, three chicks, three dogs, three peacocks, one cat, one finch, and 177 incubated eggs, The Mirror reported.

However, none of them were in a good condition. In fact, one of the dogs, named Hank, had to be euthanized at the veterinarian's office because the pooch was in such a terrible condition.

A probable cause affidavit explained more about Hank’s poor health.

Hank ‘had half the blood count that he should’

The affidavit released by KGUN reported, that Hank the dog had "multiple infections" and "a wound infested with maggots"

The affidavit added, “[A veterinarian] also said the infections could have come from other animals. Hank was noted as having an infection on his back left foot, had half the blood count that he should, open wounds and sores in his mouth, and infection of the liver and kidneys.”

Also, the official document noted that the grave situation of the animals was found out when the Pima County Sheriff’s Department along with PCACC “served a search warrant on Trista’s property” on August 30.

The officials discovered “little to no animal food” and the paper also noted that the woman “had reached out because she knew Hank needed vet care and gave permission to [redacted] to take Hank to the vet. Trista said that she did not want Hank to be euthanized and wanted to get a second opinion.”

The report went on to state that earlier “Trista said that she took Hank to a vet in Mexico after he had been attacked by a pig that she had.”

The affidavit also noted that Trista had claimed that Anthony did not have much to do with the animals, before adding, “Anthony told Sgt Roher that Hank was also his dog and that he was trying to order more food for the animals on the property from WalMart.”

Trista Tramposch and Anthony Nunez dismiss the allegations

The couple has reportedly been pressed with a class 6 felony for animal cruelty.

But Trista has said, as reported by local NBC affiliate KVOA, “They threw us in prison with no probable cause for animal cruelty and neglect.”

She claimed, “Over 200 beautifully cared-for happy animals had just finished their breakfast and were playing in the courtyard when these sheriffs came and impounded them all.”

Anthony also defended himself and Trista, and asserted, “Everything they said was a lie. I mean, from start to finish, we are not abusive people.”

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