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Deja Taylor: Mother of boy, 6, who used her gun to shoot teacher could serve additional prison time

Taylor, however, while being out on bail, allegedly failed the court-ordered drug tests and tested positive for marijuana twice and once for cocaine
Deja Taylor can probably get two sentences (Newport News Police Department)
Deja Taylor can probably get two sentences (Newport News Police Department)

NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA: The mother of a schoolboy who severely injured his teacher could serve time behind bars for failing drug tests as she will soon be awarded a sentence on federal weapons charges.

Deja Taylor was said to be taking marijuana while keeping a firearm at her home. Her sentencing will reportedly take place in October.

The 25-year-old mom's six-year-old son used her gun to shoot his teacher, Abigail Zwerner, on January 6 at Richneck Elementary School.

Though the boy's mother was reportedly eventually released following the payment of a $5,000 bond, a judge ordered her to go for drug tests and get herself treated for addiction.

What are the new allegations against Deja Taylor?

Taylor, however, while being out on bail, allegedly failed to comply with the court's order and tested positive for marijuana twice.

She has also been accused of consuming cocaine once as well as not going for two drug tests and avoiding two drug treatment sessions.

Assistant US Attorneys Lisa McKeel and Peter Osyf mentioned in a filing with the court, as per The New York Post, that these "violations are serious and call into question the defendant’s danger to the community, respect for the law and this Court’s Orders.”

Deja Taylor’s attorney claims she’s ‘abstaining from’ marijuana

However, Taylor’s lawyer, James Ellenson, defended her, saying she’s made “substantial positive developments.”

The attorney went on to state that since August 25, she had undergone four drug tests.

Though they came back positive for marijuana, “the levels are decreasing and show that Ms. Taylor is abstaining from this drug.”

Ellenson also said that Taylor tested positive for cocaine since it “was an aberration and likely caused by her use of marijuana unknowingly laced with cocaine.”

“Ms. Taylor freely admits that she has had and still faces a serious substance abuse challenge. Her addiction is clearly a disease — nonetheless, revocation and incarceration are not the cures. … A jail cell will only exacerbate the deep issues that she is facing,” he added.

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