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Gabby Petito’s parents share heartbreaking pics on second anniversary of day her body was found

Gabby was 22 when she was killed by her fiance Brian Laundrie while they were on a cross-country trip
UPDATED SEP 20, 2023
Gabby Petito was murdered in 2022 (Instagram/ @gabspetito)
Gabby Petito was murdered in 2022 (Instagram/ @gabspetito)

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA: Gabby Petitio’s family paid tribute to their late daughter on September 19, mourning her loss. Exactly two years ago, Gabby was discovered dead in Wyoming's Bridger–Teton National Forest, on September 19, 2021.

Gabby was 22 when she was killed by her fiance Brian Laundrie while they were on a cross-country trip in 2021. Later, Brian also took his life after leaving a confession note about murdering Gabby.

Now, the late vlogger’s parents have posted photos of their daughter honoring her.

Brian Laundrie killed Gabby before killing himself (Instagram/ @gabspetito)
Brian Laundrie killed Gabby before killing himself (Instagram/ @gabspetito)

What did Gabby Petito’s parents say?

Gabby’s father Joseph Petitio shared a photo of her on X, formerly Twitter, and wrote, “#GabbyPetito we miss you every day. 2 years ago today we got the worst news a parent can get.”


“While our pain will never go away, we all can help others who have their loved ones missing. Please share a missing person flyer and spread awareness for the #missing #togetherwecan,” he added.

Nicole Schmidt also took to X to pay tribute to her daughter. She said, “2 years ago, you were found in your final resting place.

“Though we decided it would not be, your spirit is always with us and forever will be.”

She also noted, “In honor of this day, please share a #MissingPerson flyer or a #domesticviolence survivor story, #BeKind #TogetherWeCan #wewontstop.”


The parents’ messages came as they promised to keep working for the Gabby Petito Foundation, which was established in October 2021.

Many people commented below the tweets with a user saying, “It was a truly heart-wrenching moment in time. Having just lost a beautiful loved one. Looking back on my two years, the loss is raw. Bless you and your family.”

Another user wrote, “Her legacy will live forever. So many have been touched in one way or another for everything she was on this earth and every sunbeam shining down from heaven, her memory lives on."



A woman shared her personal experience of domestic violence as she wrote, “13 years is how long it took me to get out. 4 kids and myself. 3/5/2020 was our freedom date. We stayed gone this time because we had a safe house to go to.”


She continued, “Watching this story unfold after just seeing the police cam footage, I knew what happened. I could see myself in her. My heart broke. I cried with her.”

“I knew sadly it was not going to be a good ending. Still today I think of Gabby. She was so amazing, full of life, hopes and dreams. I know her life meant so much to so many. She was a face for other victims. She still is,” the woman added.

What does the Gabby Petito Foundation do?

As per the foundation’s website, it was launched “to address the needs of organizations that support locating missing persons and to provide aid to organizations that assist victims of domestic violence situations, through education, awareness, and prevention strategies.”

Through the organization, Gabby’s parents have said, “We wish to turn our personal tragedy into a positive.”

They added, “It is our hope that Gabby’s foundation will bring these important issues into the forefront of the public eye to the benefit of all our communities.”

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