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Girl Decided to be Her Own Wingman at a Party and The Internet is Loving It

Her unique approach to finding a date earned her the applause of the internet.
Image Credits : Reddit | MadeMeSmile
Image Credits : Reddit | MadeMeSmile

Asking someone out is easier said than done. However, this woman knows how to nail it. In a video shared on Reddit, a young woman was seen walking up to a man at a party and telling him, " my friend over there thinks you are cute." when the man turns to look she goes to the same spot she was pointing towards and posed. The video concludes with everyone laughing. The video was captioned, "She shot her shot" and has more than 118k upvotes. Internet users loved the way the woman advocated for herself without any hesitation. One Reddit user wrote, "That’s so cute. Love the humor and bravery to do it herself!" Another said, "I would be really impressed. Also: very cute and spunky. She seems to have the sparkly personality most men love. Probably would have worked on me." 


Many took to the post to share their own experiences. One Reddit user wrote, "Back in 2011 I was invited to a party by a friend of mine. I noticed this one guy immediately and after a few sips of courage, I went and struck up a conversation with him. Five-ish minutes go by and his buddy walks up and says, 'Hey, you know he's single, right?' and I replied, 'how is that possible?! You're the cutest thing I've ever seen in real life!' An hour later I put my number in his phone. Started texting the next day and I asked him out a couple of days later."

Another wrote, "I used to have a similar pick-up line. Instead of walking back over to the spot I would point to a group of friends and change the line to, 'My friend over there wants to know if you think I'm cute?' It would probably be best to point to your ugliest friend." In another extremely cute story, a man named David Shoemaker proposed to his girlfriend, Ryaan Swann during the commencement at Central Michigan University and you guessed it, she said yes! Swann said, “He pulled the whole he needs help with psychology and that's what I was studying. We became good friends, still didn't think anything of it and the next thing I knew he was asking me out on a date.” The duo dated throughout college and in May, they both graduated with their bachelor's degrees. Shoemaker finished his degree in Entrepreneurship and Swann in Psychology and Sociology with a Concentration in Youth Studies. Shoemaker said, “She’s the love of my life.” 

He planned the proposal for the commencement and said, "Yeah, I couldn't have done it without President Davies's help and all the CMU staff. I've been planning it since September emailing back and forth with them." Swann said that she's "still in shock honestly. I'm very happy."

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