Grace Spoonamore: Hit-and-run suspect goes viral for trying to seduce Ohio police officer

The incident reportedly happened in April when the 20-year-old was arrested by Brunswick police

Grace Spoonamore: Hit-and-run suspect goes viral for trying to seduce Ohio police officer
Screenshots from bodycam footage showing Grace Spoonamore (YouTube/ Real Body Cams)

BRUNSWICK, OHIO: A stripper who was allegedly a suspect in a hit-and-run case has gone viral on the internet after bodycam footage of her arrest was shared recently.

The video showed the woman, identified as Grace Spoonamore, trying to seduce a cop. The incident happened in April when she was arrested by Brunswick police, the Daily Mail reported.


What did Grace Spoonamore do?

It has been said that Spoonamore, 20, hit a Chevy Cruze with her blue Buick Enclave while an Ohio cop witnessed it.

She did not stop after that and allegedly struck another vehicle before being eventually caught by the cop.

The young woman seemed heavily intoxicated and reportedly initially told the official that she took “two doubles” off a patron. But later claimed to have taken three doubles.

Spoonamore was then placed in handcuffs and questioned if she was possessing anything, but she replied, “I don't know, you want to check me?”

When Officer Dominick Demedal asked her about her address, she said, as per the Daily Mail, “Don't worry bout all that. I'm not giving it to you,” before asking the cop, “What are you going to do if I don't?”

Demedal responded, “Charge you with obstruction.”

Later, during the arrest process, Spoonamore allegedly spat on another cop named Robert Dugan.

As this was going on, another woman approached the officers and claimed to be Spoonamore’s pal.

But when she was asked about the suspect’s current address, she bizarrely answered, “Why does that matter?”

Grace Spoonamore said she liked to be tasered

When Spoonamore was brought to the police station, she apparently tried to remove her pants.

She also asked a cop, “You want to tase me? Do it. I like it. I like it kinky.”

However, things took a serious turn when the woman was taken to a patrol car.

She reportedly screamed, “You're going to rape me, stop trying to rape me,” before claiming she was being transported to “Mexico.”

According to reports, her pretrial has been scheduled for September 18 while the criminal trial will begin on October 2 in Brunswick.

Is Grace Spoonamore a victim?

Meanwhile, several comments have appeared under the video raising the possibility that there was much more to the incident than just a traffic violation and that Spoonamore was probably a victim of sex trafficking.

A user said, “She is not stupid, she is abused. I really hope she gets help and her life gets better from here.”

Another commented, “At first I thought Grace was just a drunk stripper, but then after the female came looking for her, I felt something was off."

“I really started to think Grace is a victim of human trafficking, and that she was drugged. I actually felt bad for her, the girl obviously needs help,” they added.

“Just pitiful. I don’t even wanna ridicule this person. Whatever happened in her life has really screwed her up. I hope she gets the help she needs,” a third noted.