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The tragic death of Joshua Pike: Boy, 13, killed after being hit by truck while stepping off school bus

Joshua Pike died after a truck struck him while he was crossing the street to get home after stepping off the school bus on October 11
UPDATED OCT 20, 2023
The 13-year-old Joshua Pike's family donates his organ after he dies in road accident (Gofundme)
The 13-year-old Joshua Pike's family donates his organ after he dies in road accident (Gofundme)

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Joshua Pike, a 13-year-old student, was trying to cross a road in Appin, 75 km southeast of Sydney, when he was hit by a delivery truck, as reported by DailyMail.

The incident occured on Wednesday, October 11, at approximately 3.30 pm after the young teen stepped off his school bus and was hurrying home to see his adored dog.

Following the collision, the boy was seen sprawled out on the road by neighboring house's CCTV.

Josh suffered severe injuries 


Josh had a fractured skull and was given care by paramedics at the scene before being airlifted to the Children's Hospital in Westmead.

Although his loved ones and friends thought he would wake up from his induced coma, but he tragically died a week later.

Josh had "caught the bus home from school like any other day, however this day changed his life forever," according to family friend Jackie Austin.

She wrote on a GoFundMe page, "He stepped off the bus, excited to get home and see his dog Xena, went to cross the road and unfortunately didn't see the oncoming truck which he collided with."

GoFundMe campaign for Joshua Pike raises $50K

The fundraiser was started by the family friend, Jackie Austin, on behalf of Josh's family. Nearly $50,000 has been raised so far for his funeral. Any money left over after the funeral service will be donated to charitable organizations.

Austin stated that the adolescent had spent the last week of his life "fighting his beautiful little heart out," but ultimately succumbed to his horrific injuries.

She said, "He has fought and fought with all the power and energy he could, (but) unfortunately the injuries were so severe that God decided to take him home. The fight he put up was something to be in awe of."

Josh's organs will be donated

Austin stated that Josh's organs will be donated so that his "love and kindness will live on in others in the most positive and most giving way a young hero like Josh can."

She said, "Josh is a beautiful kid who lived life to the fullest. A character, a crazy, crazy laugh a minute. (For) anyone who not only knew him, but was lucky enough to have him in their life, it was an honour. May your beautiful little strong soul rest in peace Joshua Pike."

In addition to undergoing required testing at Campbelltown Hospital, the 38-year-old male truck driver involved in the crash was not hurt.

Current inquiries are being conducted to determine what caused the crash. Locals demanded more safety precautions be taken on the hazardous section of road following his collision.

During peak hours, the road is extremely congested as trucks from Campbelltown travel through it to reach the South Coast of NSW, despite the 50km/h speed limit.

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