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'He IS that nice': Keanu Reeves wins hearts as he plays catch with young fan before Dogstar concert

'Awww so cute. Keanu Reeves is an amazing person,' a fan tweeted
Keanu Reeves made a boy's day by playing catch with him (Twitter/ @PopCrave, IMDb)
Keanu Reeves made a boy's day by playing catch with him (Twitter/ @PopCrave, IMDb)

HOUSTON, TEXAS: Keanu Reeves is receiving a lot of love after a video of him playing catch with a young fan was shared online.

Nine-year-old Elijah and his 11-year-old brother Caleb met the 59-year-old actor as he was in Houston, Texas, to perform in a concert with his band Dogstar at House of Blues, the Daily Mail reported.

The two boys went before the show with their grandmother, Annette Cruz.


Young fans thrilled after meeting Keanu Reeves

Caleb told KHOU 11, “He [Reeves] like came out, and I didn’t expect his hair to be like a little white. I knew his hair was long but I didn’t expect it to be white.”

Elijah then continued, “And when I got his signature and my brother got his signature, I asked him if he could play catch with me.”

“I asked him the first time and he kind of mumbled something. But I didn’t hear him so I asked him again and he said 'Yeah come on let's go,’” he shared.

About the experience, the young boy said, “I was really nervous because I was playing catch with a famous superstar.”

Elijah, however, mentioned, “I was surprised he did it, and then he said, 'Hey, he’s got a great spiral.' I'm like thanks. I said, 'That’s a day he’s always going to remember.”

“This is the football I threw with him. I’m keeping it forever and ever," the child added.

Keanu Reeves is ‘authentic’

Meanwhile, the ‘John Wick’ star’s act has been praised online with a user tweeting, “Isn't he breathtaking?”


Another user commented, “Awww so cute. Keanu Reeves is an amazing person.”


“He IS that nice!  Never heard a bad word about Keanu!” a third stated.


“Everyone's dream boyfriend from the nineties turns out to be an 'actual' dream boyfriend. Doesn't happen every day! ❤️ this guy,” someone else wrote.


And when a hater tried to troll Reeves, a fan of him added, “He’s beloved, and the total opposite of unlikable. You’ll see this man riding the subway in downtown NYC, friendly as you can imagine with ZERO ego."

“He never was a mess, or let the industry change him. He’s authentic, and after a career that spans almost 40 years - he’s just now reached his peak with the John Wick series, and I predict an Oscar-winning role to emerge into his repertoire next,” the fan continued.

“What a strange comment - he’s one of those celebrities/people that you simply can't say something bad about,” they added.


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