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Helen Hunt, 60, gets mixed responses from fans after showing off her makeup-free look

The Oscar winning-star is quite active on social media where she shares major life events with fans
Helen Hunt was accused of going under the knife (Instagram/ @helenhunt)
Helen Hunt was accused of going under the knife (Instagram/ @helenhunt)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Helen Hunt recently went online to share a photo of herself while carrying a book called ‘Twister’.

The actress worked in a 1996 movie of the same name, which was based on that book by Anne-Marie Martin and Michael Crichton.

The Oscar winning-star captioned the post as “Thrifting.#twister#VHS,” which attracted over 50k likes and numerous comments.

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A post shared by Helen Hunt (@helenhunt)


People commented on Helen Hunt’s 'natural' look

There were many who loved Hunt’s post and appreciated her work.

A fan wrote, “This is my Shawshank. I will literally stop what I’m doing and watch it every time I find it on.”

Another fan shared, “My wife and I went to see this movie on our first date!”

The third one commented, “My favourite movie! I know it word for word lol and I know that sounds cringe but that’s because I watch it so much!”

The fourth one said, “I have amazing memories working on that movie. I was the Travel Coordinator and loved working with you and all the cast.”


“You have NO idea how many times my good friends and I watch this movie together a TRUE classic and your performance is spectacular. Hope all is well,” the fifth one added.

But there were a few who decided to focus on the Oscar winning-star’s bare-faced look, who appeared to have ditched makeup for the snap.

These comments were not nice as one of them said, “Why would you do that to your face? You were beautiful before all the plastic surgery.” Another comment added, “Wow, too much plastic surgery.”


Helen Hunt is enjoying life as mother and wife

The ‘Mad About You’ actress, however, reportedly does not worry about people’s opinions and has a great life. She seems to share a great bond with her daughter, Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan, and also her husband, producer and writer Matthew Carnahan.

Helen Hunt became a mother almost two decades ago (Instagram/ @helenhunt)
Helen Hunt became a mother almost two decades ago (Instagram/ @helenhunt)

Makena was born in 2004 and in 2008, Hunt said, as per PEOPLE, “I fell in love, I had a daughter.”

At the time, she also shared, “Why go off and pretend to be someone’s mother, or pretend to be someone’s wife, when I finally had the chance to have that experience in my real life?”

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A post shared by Helen Hunt (@helenhunt)


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