'It's a promance': Major clues suggest Taylor Swift’s romance with Travis Kelce is totally fake

Taylor Swift past romances and breakups have given birth to some of her biggest hits

'It's a promance': Major clues suggest Taylor Swift’s romance with Travis Kelce is totally fake
Taylor Swift has had a number of high-profile romances (@taylorswift/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Taylor Swift, the pop icon sensation, has captured the world through her music, and like many artists, her music is filled with Easter eggs from her personal life.

It's no secret that Taylor frequently uses music to express her feelings of love and breakup, and now that she's fallen for star player Travis Kelce, her fans expect more such output soon.

However, the new relationship, which has made headlines worldwide, comes just a month before the singer is set to release '1989 - Taylor's Version', the latest in her series of re-recorded albums. So, is this a genuine relationship or just a "professional romance" to boost record sales? Let's look at Taylor's previous relationships to determine if it's a real romance.

Travis Kelce - Promance

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If Taylor and Travis are dating, it clearly seems like a promance. Taylor has hardly ever expressed an interest in American football, but she appears to be a big fan all of a sudden. The singer made sure all eyes were on her as she jumped and cheered on the Kansas City Chiefs tight end during Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears, as reported by The Sun.

She even wore bright red lipstick, a not-so-subtle nod to the lyrics "red lip classic thing that you like" from her hit song 'Style'. The song appears on her 2014 album '1989', and a remastered version is set to be released on October 27.

Matty Healy - Promance

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After reports revealed in May that Taylor was dating the 1975 frontman Matty Healy, the couple went public.

Taylor had kept her previous boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, under wraps for seven years, with few public pictures of them together, when she was suddenly photographed out in London and New York with her new man.

Matty, 34, was seen cheering her on at three of her Eras tour shows and piling on the PDA at a New York club with Jack Antonoff, who co-produced both The 1975's most recent album and Tay's 'Midnights'. However, if this was a carefully orchestrated promance, it did not go as planned.

Calvin Harris - Romance

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During their 15-month relationship, the super producer Calvin, 39, and the singer only worked together on one song, 'This Is What You Came For', with Taylor using a pen name. Most of the time, it appears that they were genuinely interested in falling in love rather than dating to make money.

The couple shared a number of photos on social media from early 2015 until their split in June 2016.

They posted pictures of themselves kissing on the beach with their initials written on the sand for their one-year anniversary. They also went through a very tumultuous breakup, proving that this was more romance than promance.

Joe Alwyn - Romance

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A British actor, Joe holds the record for Taylor's longest relationship. The couple avoided red carpets and was hardly ever photographed together for seven years, from late 2016 to April 2023.

Their relationship continued to develop out of sight, initially by choice and later due to Covid lockdowns in Britain, where the two were residing.

But it appears to have disintegrated once Taylor was ready to take back the world stage with her record-breaking Eras tour, which began in the US in March 2023.

Tom Hiddleston - Promance

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Taylor's relationship with Tom Hiddleston seems to have been a complete promace. They began dating in June 2016, shortly after Kim Kardashian stoked a rift between the singer and her ex-husband, Kanye West. Before publicly criticizing the rapper's controversial song 'Famous', the reality star asserted she had proof Taylor had privately approved of it.

Taylor was later referred to as a "snake" and photographed on dates with the 'Night Manager' actor to alter the narrative. There were allegedly unposed photos of the couple cuddling on the rocks of a Rhode Island beach. However, they were over after a few months together.

Harry Styles - Promance

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Taylor began dating Harry, 29, a member of One Direction at the time, just as she was making the transition to pop music with her album 'Red'.

Apparently, they met in March 2012 and started dating by November of that year. Taylor's profile rose as a result of the news, which devastated Directioners.

The couple was seen walking through New York's Central Park, kissing in Times Square on New Year's Eve, and wearing matching necklaces. However, it was cut short after only two months due to a row in the Caribbean. The promance inspired her hits 'I Knew You Were Trouble' and 'Style'.

Jake Gyllenhaal - Likely romance

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The timing didn't appear to be favorable for this to have been a genuine romance. When they made their relationship public in October 2010, Jake, now 42, was scheduled to promote his upcoming film 'Love And Other Drugs', starring Anne Hathaway, and Taylor had just dropped her smash hit album 'Speak Now'.

A ten-minute extended version of the 2012 song 'All Too Well', allegedly about their relationship's breakdown, was included on Taylor's re-release of 'Red' in 2021.

The pop star admitted that when she first started writing the song, she was a "broken human."

Joe Jonas - Romance

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The singer had a two-month relationship with the Jonas Brother early in her career.

Despite their brief romance in 2009, Taylor reportedly lost it when Joe, 34, broke her heart with a 25-second phone call. However, she made a number of successful songs about the breakup, including 'Forever And Always', 'Last Kiss', and the most famous of all, 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'.

Despite the heartbreak, the high-profile relationship ended in an even higher-profile split, much to her advantage.

John Meyer - Promance

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Taylor seems to regret this split, even though it may have begun as a promance. When Taylor was 19 and singer John Meyer was 32, they had a brief relationship between 2009 and 2010. She released 'Dear John' a few months after they split up, with the lyrics "Dear John, I see it all, now it was wrong/Don't you think 19 is too young." Later, he described how it "humiliated" him.

However, Taylor went so far as to include the acerbic track 'Would've, Could've, Should've', which seems to allude to their age difference, on her 'Midnights' album.

Conor Kennedy

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Taylor wore 1950s dresses, retro polka-dot bikinis, and ballet flats when she dated the grandson of Robert F Kennedy in 2012.

She had expressed her admiration for the political family and seemed to enjoy dressing up as Jackie O.

However, the promance lasted only two months. Taylor allegedly fell out with the Kennedys after "crashing" a family wedding and overshadowing the event, which enraged the bride's mother.