Horrifying video shows Israeli mother screaming as she and two young sons are abducted by Hamas

'I just hope that they are alive, and that they are together,' Shiri Silberman-Bibas' niece said

Horrifying video shows Israeli mother screaming as she and two young sons are abducted by Hamas
Israeli mother Shiri Silberman-Bibas and her two young sons were abducted by Hamas (@upuknews1/X)

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL: An Israeli mother and her two young sons are seen on horrifying video being dragged from their home close to the Gaza border by Hamas terrorists.

When the militants invaded Israel on Saturday, Shiri Silberman-Bibas, 30, hid in a safe room with her husband Yarden, their children Kfir, nine months, and Ariel, three years old.


Yarden wanted to protect his family amid raids

Yarden hoped to protect his family and their home in Kibbutz Nir Oz as villages were raided during an attack that resulted in hundreds of Israeli deaths and more than 100 hostages being taken. Yarden was only armed with a small pistol, as reported by Daily Mail.

Father said 'I love you all' in text

According to reports, the father sent his loved ones an "I love you all" message when they took cover outside their window as militants fired semi-automatic weapons. He ominously wrote "they're coming in" 30 minutes later, before communication broke down.

Shiri's parents Yosi and Margit Silberman might be kidnapped

Since then, there has been no word from the family, and Shiri's parents, Yosi and Margit Silberman, who are in their late 60s, are also missing and thought to have been kidnapped.

In a later video, the distraught mother is seen clutching her two children as they are taken away, with no sign of their father, as horrified onlookers scream, "She has a baby!"

The social media footage of Shiri sobbing as she and her children are abducted has sparked anguish among the Jewish community around the world. 

Viewers from all over the world have used the mother's terrified expression and images of her innocent sons in happier times to highlight the terror Hamas has inflicted upon Israel.

Protestors say 'let the children go'

At a protest outside Downing Street in London, distraught Israelis held up photos of the mother and her boys being taken, with one placard pleading, "Let the children go."

Margit, the missing grandmother, is a nursery teacher who has Parkinson's disease and is said to be in desperate need of her medication. Shiri's cousin Yosi told Sky News that learning of his family member's disappearance has inspired him to "go and fight." Other distraught relatives have also spoken of their horror at seeing the video.

Yosi remarked, "The first time I saw the pictures I couldn't believe it, I couldn't comprehend what I saw, then I look at another picture and it was very clear that this is my cousin Shiri and the two little children."

He added, "My fear's that they separated them, that they killed them, that they're injured, that we won't see them again, that we won't even get any piece of information with them and we will stay in this blank forever."

Shiri's niece hopes family is alive

Yifat Zailer, Shiri's niece, told the New York Times that she will not stop until her family members are brought back home. She said, "I just hope that they are alive, and that they are together. And I want them home, with me, so I can hug them tightly again."

She added, "We feel that those responsible don't know what to do, because this is a situation we've never been in before. That's the feeling in Israel, It's a catastrophe."