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Husband Creatively Tries to Make Bed Every Day After Retirement | “I Don’t Think He Knows What to Do With Extra Pillows”

Joanne Sterling shared her husband's pillow creativity on Facebook and his unusual ways of making the bed instantly won hearts.
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Joanne Sterling
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Joanne Sterling

Joanne Sterling handled everything on the homefront all by herself for over four decades. Sterling and her husband Jim are from Manson, Washington. When they got retired, Sterling asked Jim to take over some of the household chores. One of the duties that Jim took over was making the bed, Bored Panda reported.  

For the first in 45 years, Jim started making the bed and his bed-making skills turned out to be quite impressive. Sterling took to Facebook and shared that although Jim is doing a great job still he is struggling to figure out what he can do with the extra pillows. Sterling got entertained by his cute struggles and began photographing and sharing them on Facebook on a daily basis. The photos quickly went viral and many people got excited to see what Jim's next arrangement would look like.


The pillow arrangement details amused everyone on the internet and many waited to see Sterling's next post. In an interview with Bored Panda, Sterling talked about how it all started. She said, "Jim was put in charge of making the bed because I have always taken care of everything in the house while he was working. Now that we are retired, it’s time for him to pull his own weight around here!”

After a few days, Sterling decided to ask Jim to take care of the whole bed. She explained, "At first, Jim warmed up by making just his side but [I] eventually decided to ask [my] husband if he could take care of the whole thing. He did and started playing with the pillow arrangements to make me laugh." 


In her Facebook post in which Sterling shared a picture that showed her husband's creative bed-making skills, she wrote in the caption, "After 45 years Jim is in charge of making the bed every morning. I don’t think he knows what to do with the extra pillows."

Folks who were following the series might know there was one time when Jim wasn't doing the bed. Sterling said, "He learned he was getting some attention online and let the pressure get to him!” Soon Jim got used to his online fame. Sterling further said, "But don’t worry, Jim got used to his internet fame and made up for the hiccup day."


Sterling and Jim are definitely serving couple goals online as Sterling explained how she is trying to make her married life joyful at this age. She also explained how she was surprised to see the reaction that she received to her posts. Sterling said, "I can’t believe people are so amused by this. We try to make our relationship last by making each other laugh. I’m so glad people have been able to relate during this difficult time.”


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