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'I'll take snakes over diarrhea': Internet reacts as Delta plane takes 5 hours to clean after 'disgusting' incident

The mid-flight diarrhea episode of a passenger required an intense cleanup job in the aftermath that required the carpet to be pulled up and replaced
The Delta flight decided to turn around when a passenger experienced diarrhea 'all through the plane' (@FL360@aero)
The Delta flight decided to turn around when a passenger experienced diarrhea 'all through the plane' (@FL360@aero)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: A passenger's severe case of diarrhea on board a plane headed to Barcelona, forced the pilot to turn around just two hours after departing from Atlanta. The resulting mess on the 'diarrhea plane', Delta 194, resulted in a five-hour intense cleanup job by the ground staff so that the plane could be used again.

The carpet was pulled up and replaced after the incident that the pilot referred to as a "biohazard issue."

When the incident first went viral, reports stated that the violently-ill passenger experienced diarrhea "all the way through the aeroplane" while it was traveling from Atlanta, Georgia, to Barcelona. 

When curious netizens asked what "all the way through" meant, gross photos surfaced of the aftermath of the mid-flight horror.

The cabin's images showed the chaos in the center of the aisle with a large number of passengers leaving their seats close by with dirty splotches down the entire length of the central aisle carpet.

On the flight's hurried return to Atlanta, passengers claimed that crew members had used a cleaning spray with a vanilla aroma, but that only made the situation worse, as reported by Mirror.


Ground staff took 5 hours to clean the 'diarrhea plane'

Ground staff immediately started a deep-clean job to sanitize the aircraft and remove any remaining odors once the plane safely landed in Atlanta. The cleaning crew spent as much as five hours on the plane, tearing up the carpet on board and replacing it

Jet arrived in Barcelona at 5.10 pm after a delay of eight hours

Travelers said that the jet was even cleaner than when they had first boarded it after the clean-up job.

The jet arrived in Barcelona at 5.10 pm, about eight hours late, after a somewhat easier eight-hour ride.

An aviation enthusiast uploaded an audio communication from the flight deck to X (formerly Twitter). "This is a biohazard issue. We've had a passenger who's had diarrhoea all the way through the aeroplane, so they want us to come back to Atlanta."

Netizens says, 'I'd like to reserve a whole plane to myself' 

Netizens have expressed their views on the viral incident, and one of the user shared their personal experience while he was aboard the infamous flight.

Wilbert Football wrote, "I was on the Delta Airlines diarrhea plane and it was horrible - the vanilla disinfectant only made the smell worse as airline staff frantically tried to clean up the mess."

A different user wrote, "I'd like to reserve a whole plane to myself so I DONT have to deal with diarrhea passengers."

Another user wrote, "I'll take snakes on a plane over diarrhea on Delta every day."




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