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Iowa's Husband Calling Competition Will Leave You in Fits | "Bob, Bob, Bob, I Don’t Want to Be Late"

From yelling to singing the name, these wives know how to call out their husbands' names in creative ways.
Cover Image Source: Youtube/lowapbs
Cover Image Source: Youtube/lowapbs

There may have been many outlandish events that you have heard of or maybe been a part of. There are incredible minds out there coming up with ideas for these weird events that are entertaining and unique. Talking about one such unusual yet outlandish event, allow us to introduce you to Iowa's Husband Calling Competition. Yes, you read that right, husband calling.

In this competition, women come up with different ways of calling out their husbands' names. It is so entertaining and funny that it leaves people laughing in tears. Here, women try out different ways of calling out their husbands' names to win the competition. A video of the event has gained more than 580k views and 7.1k likes on YouTube.


On Iowa PBS's YouTube channel, you can see Bonnie Swalwell Eilert—who won the event—yelling her husband's name with sheer enthusiasm. Maybe we can also assume this is Eilert's way of calling her husband each time she is mad at him. At the competition, she yelled, "Roy, Roy! Can you hear me, you get yourself in here right now. Come on, you know you are going to be late again and you know that I want to get there on time. Royee! Roy! Roy! Roy!"

Eilert is a veteran competitor in this show and has been performing for 35-40 years in Pioneer Hall. She has won this competition many times, she says. Eilert also shared the story of a time when her husband asked her not to perform in this competition. She said, "When I first started, my husband said to me, 'You are not going do this Bonnie, you are not. Please don't do it.' I said I'm going to do this. I defied him and I won first. So after that, he is gonna hold for me."


Another participant named Virginia Stone had unique, melodious, and funny ways of calling out her husband. If you listen to Stone's performance, you might feel like you are at an opera show, but then you might end up in fits. She sings her husband's name and says, "Herviee! Unless you want to make the bed, you better get out like right now. Herviee! Hervy!"

She stood third in this husband-calling competition and when asked about the event, she said: "It started because I wanted a ribbon. In calling, I have gotten as high as second and then I've gotten way down the food chain too. It depends on what the judges are looking for. They basically pick them randomly from the audience, so you never know what you are going to get."


One of the judges talked about what aspects they scrutinize when they judge this competition. Myrna Nelson said, "There are three things that you have to judge - your first impression, your last impression, and the presentation. Your first impression just knocks you out of your seat and your last impression is the same as the first impression. I kind of went by 'can I understand what they are saying, how would I know what you want for your calling me?'"

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