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Irina Shayk desperately trying to win second chance with Tom Brady after amicable split, sources say

While Irina Shayk is making a definitive move to win back Tom Brady, the clock may have simply 'run out,' per an insider
Irina Shayk apparently wants a second chance with Tom Brady (@irinashayk,@Tombrady/Instagram)
Irina Shayk apparently wants a second chance with Tom Brady (@irinashayk,@Tombrady/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Supermodel Irina Shayk is reportedly trying desperately to save her relationship with retired NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

The model, according to insiders, is desperate to avoid being dumped twice in a row after she allegedly botched her relationship with Hollywood hottie and football legend Bradley Cooper.

A spy reportedly told the National Enquirer that the 37-year-old fashion model had been dumped by the seven-time Super Bowl champion and left high and dry by baby daddy Cooper. On November 7, the model was spotted strutting into Brady's New York City apartment, as reported by Radar Online.

'Irina tried to play both Tom and Bradley'

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An insider said, "Irina tried to play both Tom and Bradley against one another — and she ended up losing both of them!"

The Russian model seemed to intercept Brady after his 13-year marriage to supermodel Gisele Bundchen came to an end. 

Brady appeared to be entirely on Shayk's side when they were holed up in a Los Angeles hotel room for a steamy weekend less than two months after they first met in May in Sardinia, where billionaire art scion Joe Nahmad married model Madison Headrick.

Irina Shayk 'seduced' Tom Brady

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A post shared by Tom Brady (@tombrady)


The insider said, "The wedding was crawling with A-listers, but Irina made a beeline for Tom. She made the first move and pretty much seduced him!"

An insider confided to the outlet, "Irina is trying to walk back into Tom's life, but the clock may have run out."

Shayk's recent appearance at Brady's New York City apartment came after reports of the couple's amicable and "no drama" split.

According to TMZ, the split was a long time coming, given their time apart in their new relationship. Brady was spotted relaxing on his yacht in Miami, while Shayk was frequently spotted out and about in New York City.

Bundchen and Brady's split

The couple, who have two children, Vivian, 10, and Benjamin, 13, announced their split in October 2022. Reports at the time stated that the split was precipitated by Brady's refusal to leave the NFL despite Bundchen's pleas.

But the supermodel clarified that this is untrue, describing the accusations as "very hurtful" and "the craziest thing I've ever heard." 

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