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Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos mocked for 'cringe' Vogue photoshoot showing billionaire with buff biceps

Some netizens have accused Vogue of photoshopping Jeff Bezos' muscles
UPDATED NOV 14, 2023
Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos' Vogue photoshoot has not impressed fans (@voguemagazine/Instagram)
Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos' Vogue photoshoot has not impressed fans (@voguemagazine/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos are receiving a lot of backlash online for their latest Vogue photoshoot. Some netizens have called the picture "cringe" and "uncomfortable," while others claim the magazine photoshopped the Amazon founder's muscles.

In addition to the extremely glam photoshoot, Jeff, 59, and Lauren, 53, also had a joint interview with the publication for its December 2023 issue.

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Many online users made jokes about the magazine's Monday Instagram post featuring one of the shoot's photos, with some comparing the couple to "background actors in a telenovela."

Fans mock Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos' Vogue photoshoot

A user wrote, "I've never been more uncomfortable with a photo." Another said, "I would like to un-see this picture."

Someone else chimed in, "This is several degrees of f**king weird. And definitely not Vogue - in any description. And I'm being very kind here."

Another user said, "I honestly thought this photograph was a parody generated by AI."

In the picture, Lauren was leaning over from the truck's passenger side with her arms around her fiance while Jeff sat in the front seat. He wore jeans, a black T-shirt, and a cowboy hat while she wore a white tank top. They furrowed their brows and gave the camera a serious look, as reported by Daily Mail.

Vogue's post caption reads, "Much has been made of Jeff Bezos's evolution from online bookseller to Tony Stark titan of industry and the third richest man in the world."

It adds, "Once insular and press-shy, he formed a cocoon around Amazon and his personal life. Now it’s as if he’s emerged from his chrysalis, no longer Amazon CEO (a role he ceded in 2021) but an empty nester who is venturing not only into the Adriatic but into outer space. "

The post also noted, "His fiancée, Lauren Sánchez, by all accounts is the perfect partner for it all - unbridled in her enthusiasm but also socially adept, attentive, a diplomat of a kind."

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Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos' romantic journey

Although the exact date of Lauren and Jeff's relationship's beginning is unknown, the National Enquirer first revealed their romance in January 2019, when both of them were married to other people.

The business tycoon soon divorced Mackenzie Scott, the mother of his four children and his wife of more than 25 years. Lauren separated from her husband Patrick Whitesell, co-CEO of the formidable Hollywood agency WME.

After making their first public appearance together in May of that year, the businessman—who is currently ranked as the third richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $165 billion—and the TV personality have been happily in love ever since.

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