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Adorable Little Girl Refuses to Serve Cookie to Her Mom at Play Diner: ‘I Have Broccoli'

She holds a cookie and politely tells her mom that she can't have it. She then offers her broccoli instead and says, 'There you go, ma'am.'
Cover Image Source: Instagram/saruh2themax
Cover Image Source: Instagram/saruh2themax

Children possess a wonderful quality in the fact that they never pretend. They will be upfront and honest if they like something about you and likewise, let you know if they don't. They aren't afraid to express themselves and make sure you know what they are feeling. 

This becomes evident in a now-viral video shared by the mother of a sassy little girl who decides who gets what when they visit her play diner. Shared by Sarah Dart—a mom of four—the clip shows Dart asking her youngest daughter, Willow, for the cookie she’s eating and having her request immediately shut down with a side of sass.

The child immediately responded with a "No" and said that it was hers. She then served her mother broccoli and declared: "There you go, ma'am."

Reddit | u/Gloomy__Revenue
Image Source: Reddit | u/Gloomy__Revenue

The adorable interaction soon went viral on the internet, receiving more than 35,000 upvotes after it was reshared to Reddit by u/Gloomy__Revenue. Captioned "This Girl Running a Diner," Reddit users found Willow's responses adorable. u/NanzLo- wrote: "She’s a genius business owner. She promotes broccoli (something that goes bad fairly fast) while keeping the cookies to herself (much longer shelf life)."

u/Least_Ice_6112 said, "Kid plays the Uno reverse card on the parent for years of broccoli lessons." u/Zurgbowtie commented: "She wasn’t even sure if she wanted to give up the broccoli - what if customers keep asking for the cookies - there’s only so much broccoli."


Speaking to Romper, Dart shared how Willow's pretend play of running an outdoor diner came about: “I think it just came up organically. We’ve had the play kitchen for over six years and she’s seen her older siblings play with it her whole life. We almost got rid of it during a move over the summer because it wasn’t getting used too much, but I’m so glad we held onto it now since she suddenly took a liking to it the last few months.”


What's on the menu that Willow likes to serve? Dart revealed that it changes a lot, but she's always sure to offer her mom one essential: coffee. As far as real food, she loves apples and waffles and of course, cookies! To make the pretend play even cuter, Willow now has a pink diner costume, which she has been rocking in some of Dart's recent videos.

Dart revealed that they rarely go out to restaurants, as their family is too chaotic for them. As such, Willow has never observed servers in the wild. Fortunately, the little girl knows how to act in restaurants without ever having been in one! Moreover, her mother films their play sessions outside, which allows her to capture Willow’s delightful expressions and precious catchphrases. Dart does this while staying engaged with her daughter and maintaining eye contact. They only film in outdoor settings to avoid background noise, and she is curious as to what they will do in the winter. No doubt Willow will have a solution!


Willow's older siblings are just as big fans of her diner videos as the rest of us. According to Dart, they "love her videos" and are extremely proud of her. "They keep saying their baby sister is famous," she said. "She's very loved by them and they're always laughing at the funny things she says, so they're really stoked that I'm making these videos. Every day they ask if I've made a new one."

That's so sweet! Not to mention, Willow is also quite the entertainer. She loves to play doctor (which is always a musical!) and she sings to herself constantly and dances a lot. Willow reminds us that when it comes to kids being creative and entertaining, the sky is the limit.

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