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Self-Confessed ‘Couch Potato’ Enjoys Chips, Drinks and Watching Television While Paragliding in Turkey

Hasan Kaval, a paragliding instructor from Izmir, Turkey, took to the skies for a one-of-a-kind adventure in 2020.
Cover Image Source: Instagram/Hasan Kaval
Cover Image Source: Instagram/Hasan Kaval

Anyone can be a couch potato, but it takes planning and effort to be a creative one, and Hasan Kaval is now the master of all couch potatoes as he made news for flying high on his sofa. And not just on his sofa, he also had some chips and drinks to keep him nourished while soaring across the sky in style. Kaval who hails from Izmir, Turkey, is a 29-year-old paragliding instructor, Daily Mail reported.

The self-confessed couch potato had the crazy idea to go paragliding while watching TV from the couch. To bring this low-key unhinged idea to life, Kaval attached a metal frame, wheels, a footstool, a lamp, and a television to a red leather couch that he had customized. On July 2, 2020, the paragliding pilot and instructor went up in the air over Oludeniz in the southwest Turkish province of Mula's Fethiye district.

In a YouTube video of the daredevil stunt posted by Kaval on his channel, we see him preparing for his iconic takeoff. His friends push him down a hill and then Kaval flies up in the air fearlessly. His friends are seen applauding him as he goes higher and higher.  

Cover Image Source: Instagram/Hasan Kaval
Image Source: Instagram/Hasan Kaval

Further in the video, we see him completely at ease on the couch as though he were inside the four walls of his home and not flying across the expansive sky. He even pulls out his shoes and wears slippers at one point. Kaval can then be seen enjoying his wafers and drinks as he watches television in the air. While explaining how he felt up above in the sky, he said: "I felt so good and relaxed." Thankfully Kaval landed on the ground safely after his great relaxing adventure under the clouds. The dream that he saw many years ago had finally come true.

Many social media users appreciated Kaval's idea and how fearless he was. One Youtube user, who goes by the username Microwaved Bomb, commented: "Can we all just take a moment to realize this legend isn’t even wearing a parachute, absolute beast." Another user, Grapeness, wrote: "This guy is the chilliest person I’ve ever seen. Eats chips while flying. Lands. Continues his chips like nothing happened."  


Some also came up with different scenarios. "Imagine seeing a man on a couch riding next to you while on a plane," Dominick Petersen wrote. Kucing Goreng commented: "This guy is such a legend, can't even imagine being this high without falling or getting anxiety attacks."

Lacie Heart wrote: "My gosh he is so lucky that things went perfectly well, I was fingers crossed when I saw him take from off the hilltop. This is just an absolutely amazing ride. I am so speechless, never in a million years would I imagine a human can fly on a couch while comfortably snacking and watching TV. Respect."

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