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Minion the Bichon Frise who went missing for 12 years dies shortly after reuniting with his humans

'It was great to get Minion back for the short time we had him,' owner Skip Crandall said
Representational Image (Pexels/ David Brown)
Representational Image (Pexels/ David Brown)

GLENDALE, ARIZONA: A beloved pet dog, who vanished for 12 years, before reuniting with his humans this month, in early September, has died.

Minion, a Bichon Frisé breed, was 15 when he breathed his last. The beloved pet had issues arising from anesthesia while undergoing dental treatment, Fox News Digital reported.

Skip Crandall of Glendale, Arizona, shared, “It was great to get Minion back for the short time we had him. Even though we missed out on much of his life, it was special for us to have him at the beginning and the end.”

When did Minion first come into the Crandalls’ lives?

Minion was three years old when he was reportedly adopted by the Crandalls family 12 years ago.

However, he soon went missing after leaving through an opened backyard gate. The family looked for him in every possible way but to no avail.

Skip said, “We thought the chances were slim that we would ever see him again. We just imagined the worst, you know. It was pretty disconcerting.”

Minion was found by a Maricopa County animal control officer

Earlier this month, however, the pet dog was unexpectedly found by a Maricopa County animal control officer after she got a call from someone reporting a stray dog.

Officer Allyssa Sanford reportedly confirmed Minion’s identity by scanning his microchip before taking him to his owner.

The cop said, as per Fox News Digital, “He said ‘I haven't had that dog in over 12 years.’”

She continued, “I was shocked. I didn't even think that was possible, to have all that time go by and the dog's still here."

“I told him ‘The dog's still registered to your name so you can take your dog back. But I know it has been 12 years, so I know life has probably changed.”

Minion recognized the Crandalls

Despite being away from his humans for more than a decade, Minion immediately re-connected with them.

Skip recalled, “When they pulled up and we pulled him out of the truck, he recognized us and his tail started wagging. 

“He started trotting around and he went inside immediately and started playing with the other dogs. It was amazing.”

The pooch was then taken to doctors for medical examination and it was discovered that “he had some bad teeth that needed to be removed.”

But unfortunately during the procedure, Minion “did not react well to the anesthesia and could not wake up,” Skip revealed, before saying, “The vet speculated that he potentially had a stroke or heart attack.”

“He was suffering and unconscious so we requested to have him put down which the vet agreed with. My son and I were with him and said our goodbyes,” Skip added.

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