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Mom leaves Internet divided as she claims she does her children's homework to spare them the stress

'I'm not going to have them stress over maths problems they don't have time to do,' Lottie said
(Representational Image - Pexels/ August de Richelieu)
(Representational Image - Pexels/ August de Richelieu)

USA: A mother has been blasted online for making her children “lazy” after she proudly shared that she does their homework.

The woman, identified only as Lottie, said, as per the Daily Mail, “I know every parent helps, but I will just do the homework.”

‘It may not be right but I will help’

Lottie is a mother of three girls, who are in Year 5, Year 3, and kindergarten respectively.

All three children are reportedly involved in several co-curricular activities like sports and cheerleading.

Justifying her parenting style, she stated on TikTok, “I'm not going to have them stress over maths problems they don't have time to do. It may not be right but I will help.”

Explaining further, the mother continued, “Some of these projects these teachers give … I mean, the kids are seven years old."

“I try not to baby them when they fall, I want to raise them to be strong,” Lottie noted.

“My biggest goal in life is to have an honest relationship with my kids,” she added.

Lottie receives support online

There were reportedly a few who understood Lottie’s point.

A TikTok user said, “I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does my kids' homework when they have other things going on.”

Another wrote, “This is such amazing parenting I aspire to be like this when I'm a mum!”

A third commented, “We just simply don't do homework. I leave my work at work cause I want to relax at home and I feel it's the same for my children.”

Someone else added, “My house will be a homework-free zone. Kids are in school all day and then are expected to go home and do more school work, no! Reading is acceptable, but that is it.”

Lottie’s parenting style has detractors too

Expressing a different point of view, a person shared, “Doing your child's work for them won't help them in the long run unless you want them to grow up to be entitled and lazy.”

“I was speaking to a teacher, he said some kids wonder why my child is so good at reading/maths. It's because he does the readers at home and the follow-up maths questions. Parents need to make the effort to work with their kids,” a second parent posted.

“My kid's primary school had a no-homework philosophy. Now, my oldest is in high school and is struggling so much with homework. It has me questioning whether no homework in primary school is a great idea after all,” a comment added.

A Twitter user remarked, “Will she do their exams for them too?”


Another advised, “Practice makes perfect & it sets them up for other responsibilities in their adult life. Assist, be available, help them prioritize their time, but do not do it for them. Also, unless they're making As (which I doubt) just like sports, it helps put the info. In long-term memory.”


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