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Mom locks 6-year-old son out of car, fatally runs over him as he chases car and tries to get in

'We understand this is a traumatic incident that affects not only the involved family but the community as well,' said the police
UPDATED SEP 11, 2023
Representational Image (Pexels/ Peter Fazekas)
Representational Image (Pexels/ Peter Fazekas)

CORONA, CALIFORNIA: A mother has been charged with vehicular manslaughter after it was alleged that she was responsible for her son’s death.

Melissa Damron has been accused of fatally hitting her six-year-old son Duner Larson as he tried to enter his mother’s already-running car.

An official statement from the City of Corona said that the horrific accident happened on August 22 at the 1400 block of Sallie Jeffreys Way.

The statement also went on to note that the 42-year-old suspect had “locked him [Larson] out of the vehicle before she drove away from their residence.”

The little boy reportedly went behind the car while attempting to access the door. But the woman did not stop and “Duner fell onto the roadway, where he was run over by the car,” resulting in his death.

When was Melissa Damron arrested?

On September 7, Damron was reportedly taken into police custody while being charged with vehicular manslaughter and child endangerment, causing death.

The media release stated, “She posted $50,000 bail and was released from custody.  This investigation has been forwarded to the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.”

“We understand this is a traumatic incident that affects not only the involved family but the community as well. Trauma Intervention volunteers responded to the scene and the hospital to provide counseling resources,” the statement noted.

The release also added, “If you have any information regarding the collision, please contact Officer Jake Westall at (951) 817-5784 or via email at”

‘What is wrong with people?’

Meanwhile, the case has attracted a lot of attention online with a Facebook user saying, “This is so sad. This is in California. Something like this happened a few years ago in Middletown Ohio. The so-called mother locked her child out of the car and drove over him when he tried to get in her van. She then picked him up and dumped him in the Ohio River.”

Another user commented, “Didn't something like this happen like 2 years ago? What is wrong with people?”

“It's because we don't administer high consequences for stupidity in this country anymore!” the third user shared.

The fourth user added, "I hope she spends the rest of her life in jail, thinking about what she did!"

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