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'Never know what could happen': Catherine and Sean Lowe still open to adopting despite having 3 children

Catherine and Sean Lowe, who met on 'the Bachelor' in 2013, have three children - Samuel, Isaiah, and Mia
A mother of three with Sean Lowe, Catherine is still open to adding a new member to the family (@seanloweksu/Instagram)
A mother of three with Sean Lowe, Catherine is still open to adding a new member to the family (@seanloweksu/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFONIA: Catherine and Sean Lowe got lucky when they met on the latter's season of 'The Bachelor' in 2013, as they married and have three beautiful children: Samuel, Isaiah, and Mia.

Nonetheless, the mother of three isn't discounting the possibility of adding a new member in the future.

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Catherine 'feels complete' but Sean 'still talks about adoption'

She said, "I feel so content with my family structure right now, but you never know what could happen. Sean still talks about adoption. I feel complete right now, and we're in such a good grove. But if it happens and that's something that falls into our lap, I would be very grateful," as reported OK Magazine.

Catherine Lowe wants to help pregnant women

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A post shared by Catherine (Giudici) Lowe (@catherinegiudici)


The 37-year-old spoke about her partnership with Pfizer, noting she wants to help pregnant women.

She said, "I love babies and I love taking care of children. I didn't think I would be maternal, but it changed when I had kids. It's been a really interesting introspective time for me. Now, I am like, I could probably have 10 kids!"

Even though the two oldest children of Catherine are "so different," they are best friends. "I will find the boys in bed together. Samuel will come into Isaiah's room and just sleep with him. I said, 'Why do you do that, honey?' And he said, 'Because I feel safe and warm.' I am like, 'That is so cute!' I will not separate them now because it's such a cute time, and they have such a special relationship."

Catherine's boys adore their little sister

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A post shared by Catherine (Giudici) Lowe (@catherinegiudici)


The boys share a special bond with their younger sister, whom Catherine refers to as a "tough girl." She said, "They're very sweet around her, She's a cool chick. I am jealous of how she is! She's cooler than me — she can hang with the boys but also do girly stuff. She's really smart and sweet, but she might be vicious later!"

Catherine is enjoying her time with Mia for the time being. "We enjoy similar things, and it's a really special time," she continues. "And Sean has a really good relationship with her, too," as reported by OK Magazine.

The reality star teamed up with Pfizer to help inform moms about the cold and flu season. She said, "RSV is the number one reason why babies are hospitalized, and so I want to bring awareness through my story to people who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, to encourage them to talk to their pediatricians, to their OBGYNs about the risks of RSV because we had a very traumatic experience."

She added, "If I can help one family or help one mom understand the risks of RSV and the warning signs of RSV, then I have done my job."

Catherine's scary experience with son's illness

The Washington native is motivated to assist others after experiencing a terrifying event in 2018 with her middle son, Isaiah, at the age of five months. She shared, "We thought it was just a cold and a couple of days later, Sean said he was going to take him to the pediatrician, which I am very grateful he did."

She revealed, "They sent us immediately to the ER, and it was a scary time. You think it's just a cold, but it's not. It's very traumatic to see your child be hooked up to machines and tubes and not be able to hold him."

Catherine added, "I wasn't able to be close to him, which was scary. I am so grateful Pfizer has given me the opportunity to speak with other moms. There's a website called, and that's a great resource for people to learn more about RSV and to see what things they can do to help protect their children. When your child is really young, you have to be diligent about everything."

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A post shared by Sean Lowe (@seanloweksu)


The couple, who tied the knot in 2014, were taken aback when Isaiah needed to be taken to the hospital since they had assumed they had seen it all with their oldest son, Samuel. "It could occur at any moment," says Catherine. "In those first six months it's especially hard because they're so tiny and they can't communicate."

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