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The Daily Net Ethics Code

It is the policy of The Daily Net to give its readers a comprehensive, unbiased, and factually-accurate reportage of the news.

Our writers and editors come from strong journalism backgrounds with a foundation of ethics and accuracy. It is our goal to not only gain the trust of readers across the world, but keep that trust by delivering the news unvarnished and with no hidden agendas. The Daily Net’s content is governed solely by the editorial staff and not by third parties such as advertisers, special interest groups, and or politicians and celebrities.

  • No The Daily Net staff journalist or freelancer should endorse a commercial product unless with the express permission of their head-of-department or editor-in-chief.
  • In the case of an article that has been paid for by a company and/or individual, the fact must be clearly mentioned within the first paragraph of the article, and accompanied by a slug stating that it is ‘Sponsored Content’.
  • Staff should inform heads of department or senior management of any outside personal or financial interests that might hamper their performance at The Daily Net.
  • Any journalist writing about about something with which they have a significant connection, must inform their head of department or the editor-in-chief of the same.
  • Staff should not use their position to obtain private benefit for themselves or others.
  • The Daily Net staff cannot accept gifts or favors that will cause them to give favorable editorial treatment to a company and/or individual. Where relevant The Daily Net will disclose these payments, gifts or other advantages.
  • When a hotel, tourism board, or airline sponsors a The Daily Net journalist on a trip, it should be made clear that acceptance of this offer should not prevent The Daily Net from reporting the story as it sees fit.
  • The Daily Net journalists should not report or have a published opinion on any person related by blood or marriage or with whom the staff member has a close personal, financial or romantic relationship.
  • The Daily Net thrives on social media platforms and our journalists are encouraged to be heavily engaged on these. Every The Daily Net journalist, however, is a representative of the company, even when they are using their personal accounts. The Daily Net does not tolerate any of its journalists indulging in online harassment, bullying, hate speech, and/or taking part in the proliferation of blatantly fake news.