10 signs that indicate you are depressed

10 signs that indicate you are depressed

If these 10 signs and symptoms seem relatable to you, there's a chance you're depressed. Keep a note if you suffer from any these signs.

We all have been through our share of bad days. And sadness or feeling sad about a certain rejection or loss is understandable. In most of the cases, this feeling goes away with time.

But what is the sadness lingers even after a while? What if you just can't shake yourself out of this sad situation and keeping it to yourself is also taking a toll on your health? When happiness feels like a dream and sadness is all you feel, there are chances that you might be depressed. We list down 10 clear signs that indicate depression.

1) Nothing makes you happy

One of the major signs of depression is - losing interest from activities you once loved. If watching tv, going out with your friends, eating a whole pizza by yourself, doesn't make you happy anymore, signs are that you are depressed.

2) Insomnia or excessive sleeping

Having trouble sleeping or sleeping a lot is a clear sign of depression. If you just can't sleep and nothing seems to cure your insomnia, it is high time you see a medical professional who can help you out. 

On the other hand, if all you do is sleep and find it hard to get up, then also you might be headed towards depression.

3) Starving or eating excessively

If you've suddenly lost your appetite and don't feel like eating anything or you've been having a regular 'snack attack' and your friends have been hinting at your sudden weight gain then, it's a sign that you're depressed.

Sudden weight loss or weight gain is also a sign of depression. If you see that your eating habits and patterns have changed suddenly, then it is a matter of concern and one must get seek medical help.

4) Low sex drive

Anxiety, stress, and depression clouds an individual's mind and if the person is suffering from the aforementioned symptoms he/she loses interest in all other activities, even sex. 

So if your partner has been complaining about your lack of attention towards them, there's a chance you are suffering from depression.

5) Suicidal thoughts

Depression is scary. It makes you feel unworthy, useless and unwanted. A person suffering from depression feels that he's nothing but a burden and there's no hope left.

They constantly and continuously suffer from suicidal tendencies and in some cases, it becomes too late to save the person. If you've been having suicidal thoughts lately, you must seek medical help immediately. 

6) Addiction

If your days are ending with 5 glasses of wine instead of 2 and you're smoking 12 cigarettes instead of 4, there's a chance that you're depressed.

It is easy to get addicted to certain habits and patterns when a person is suffering from depression. Usually, they tend to start drinking and smoking heavily and generally try to isolate themselves.

7) Unexplained body aches

Depression when left untreated, affects you not just mentally but also physically. Depression has been linked to unexplained neck pains, backaches, trouble walking etc.

Depression also creates an illusion that something is wrong when it really isn't. Any such symptoms should never be left untreated.

8) Isolation

Depression makes a person to seclude herself/himself in complete isolation and cut off from all ties, personally and professionally. 

They struggle to do even the simplest tasks. If you have this constant desire to be left alone, you might be depressed. Depression makes an individual lose touch from his loved ones.

9) Easily losing your cool

It is one thing to lose your cool sometimes and a different thing when everything you see, hear or speak irritates you and you lose your control making you snappy all the time.

If you suddenly have a very short temper, every little thing is making you overthink and sad, there's a chance you're depressed. Depression has a close link with mood swings, also known as Bipolar Disorder.

10) All you wanna do is listen to sad songs and cry 

If you've been listening to sad songs on repeat and crying your eyes out, it's a major sign you might be depressed. Depressed people have an excessive desire to stay in bed and isolate themselves.

Disclaimer: Depression is a serious mental health issue which affects a person's day-to-day lives and shouldn't be left untreated. Consult with a medical or professional help on an immediate basis, if you experience these symptoms. 

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