The world's most expensive cake is a life-size Arabian bride

The world's most expensive cake is a life-size Arabian bride

The world's most expensve cake, designed by Debbie Wingham, is worth a staggering $67 million and resembles an Arabian bride

Debbie Wingham is claimed to be one of the world's most expensive designers, with her ultra-costly creations that are worth over more than $10 million. She is known for designing the world's most expensive dress made of diamonds, priced around $15.45 million. 


She recently unveiled her new design which is a pair of shoes that costs a staggering $15.1 million.


Now she has another addition to her "most expensive" list -  the world's costliest cake worth around $64 million.


The cake is in the form of a lady in a bridal gown and named Lulwa or the "Million Dollar Bride."


Resembling a life-sized Arabian bride, the cake weighed around a whopping 120 kilogram. 


Before unveiling the real form of her design, the designer kept it as a surprise and posted pictures on Instagram, as clues for her followers to find out her next creation.


Around 1000 edible pearls and 2000 flowers have added to this astounding state-of-art cake.


The cake was showcased at the 2018 Dubai Bride Show. 


The cake was claimed to be her only reasonably priced project which is estimated to be only around $1 million as compared to her other projects. 


It definitely is a work of art as it closely resembles a real-life bride.


The cake consists of about 50 kilograms of fondant and has around 25 kilograms of chocolate! That's definitely a colossal bride.


Six people were required to carry the cake. Debbie said, “No one actually believes it’s a cake. In fact, she is as good as a living being for me. I call her "Lulwa,” 


She further says, " “I have often been influenced by Middle Eastern culture. To actually make a Middle Eastern-inspired wedding cake is really up there with my other exciting endeavors. Most of my pieces are based on realism and I am glad that people liked it.”


The bride is not completely edible as there are diamonds worth 200,000 occupying the dress and the headgear. 


After its unveiling, it was cut and served to the guests of Dubai Bride Show. 


She also made a life-sized cake made out of rice crispies, 6 kg of chocolate, 15 kg of icing and marshmallow that resembled Kim Kardashian and priced around $1 million dollars. 





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