Artist creates amazing intricate portraits out of a thread

Artist creates amazing intricate portraits out of a thread

The artist creates amazing caricatures through his intricate use of sewing threads. Overlapping the threads, this artist manages the details and shading of pictures

Saso Krajnc, a Slovenian artist, creates amazing portraits with the use of sewing threads. Twisting them on a wooden board, he creates straight lines that overlap each other. The caricatures with the sewing thread are so detailed as could be seen from the images that the artist has successfully achieved to etch out each and every detail through his praiseworthy skills. He has captured the curve of the lips and the cheeks which is extraordinary especially when it comes down to the artist using straight lines of sewing thread.

The threads that crisscross each other gives out the result of the unique features of the artist's subjects. With the use of threads, he twists them around the nails which create around thousands of overlapping threads. He makes use of a board made out of wood or aluminum that are bordered with nails. You may wonder how he does the shading of his caricatures. He achieves this by overlapping the threads the more number of times which achieves the detail and shading, as can be seen from the images. 

His profile says,  “Cavern has always been amazed by the string art. He is inspired and challenged by the art of straight lines and strives to make work that is beautiful in every point of view. His aim is to create images that go beyond capturing a likeness. The results are compositions of overlapping lines that are created to help magnify the layers of meanings made possible by our senses and perceptions.” He has worked as a graphic designer, as well as a web developer for a very long time. But after getting inspired by the art of creating portraits out of straight lines he has made it out into a full-time passion. Now he has his own workshop in Ljubljana dedicated creating such amazing artworks. You can find more of his works on his Instagram account.

1. Marilyn Monroe


2. Conor Mcgregor


3. Rihanna


4. Salvador Dali


5. Vladimir Putin


6. Melania Trump


7. Rudolf Maister


8. Travis Fimmel


9. Donald Trump


10. Amy Winehouse


11. Ellen DeGeneres


12. A detailed portrait of a lion made out of overlapping threads.


13. A beautiful face of a cat captured through straight lines of sewing thread.


14. An amazing caricature of a parrot.


15. The enamoring eyes of a woman.


16. A puppy halfway on his tracks. 


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