These amazing artworks made out of stones are just too brilliant

These amazing artworks made out of stones are just too brilliant

Stefano Furlani took inspiration of making artworks out of stones when he was taking a walk on the beach with his little son. His stone artworks are fascinatingly detailed

Stefano Furlani is an artist who has found an unusual medium for creative expression - stones. The artist has gone famous for creating artworks through geometrically shaped stones which surprises us with its uniqueness in relaying an image. The artworks are unusual but unique and creative at the same time. Stefano searches for stones on beaches that could fit his ideas and then arranges them according to his amazing composition techniques. 


A father holding an umbrella for his little kid!


Marilyn Monroe!


True when they say that life exists in even the smallest things!


Van Gogh art in stone


Beautiful and intriguing


Little duckling out of stones


Even the movements are captured spectacularly


A simple koala bear made out of stones


A woman drinking wine portrayed through just small beach pebbles


A father and a son with their suitcases!


A tortoise with coconut palms growing out of its shell


Two dogs sniffing each other


Holding the guitar!


A woman wistfully looking out to the sea


A woman pampering her baby


Two individuals just enjoying the view





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