Japanese artist creates the creepiest realistic looking animal masks

Japanese artist creates the creepiest realistic looking animal masks

This Japanese artist specializes in creating wearable animal masks that resemble so real that it gives you an uncanny, unsettling feeling

Forget about clown mask that freak people out. These masks look realistically like the heads of a wolf or a sheep and they're definitely going to get you that uncanny feeling. 


The heads are modeled by the Japanese designer, Kamonohashizokei and you can comfortably wear them to just creep your friends out. 


At first, it may look like its taxidermied but only on close inspection will it reveal that they are actually masks that realistically resemble the animals they are modeled on. 


But there is no animal cruelty involved as these masks are hand-made out of synthetic material. 


The artist's creations have gained a considerable popularity that right now, they are featured in commercial films. You can also order them online if you prefer to give anyone the chills.


But the masks are nowhere near cheap as they cost around from $2,468 to $2,670.


The artist makes all kinds of animal heads like lions, wolves, rams, shoebills and even more. 


If you like Kamonohashizokei’s works you can follow him on Instagram or if you want to buy his works then you can order it online through his online shop.


Good to know that these real-life looking heads are just masks.


Even their expressions seem so real! 


Makes us wonder if this is a result of mutation. 


If I saw my neighbor doing something like that with the mask on, then definitely I'm out here. 


Eerie love!


That stare stopped my heart for a second.


That's one colorful and human-looking shoebill.


Beautiful but eerie at the same time.


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