10 easy tricks to grow your social media presence

10 easy tricks to grow your social media presence

Who doesn't love to be famous and happening on social media? Here are 10 easy tricks to increase your social media followers and drive more traffic to your handles.

Do you envy others who get hundreds of likes on their pictures? Do you delete your posts often because of no or low interactions? Do you wish to have what it takes to be a social media influencer? Well, who doesn't love to be a part of the growing social media platforms, and more so who wouldn't love to become famous 'online'? If yes, then keep reading as we list down 10 simple hacks influencers use to grow their followers on social media.

1) Be active

The more you post, the more attention you'll grab. Post quality content, of your own, don't copy others. Post interesting, eye-catching content and the users are bound to check your page regularly! Give your followers something to think about, something to share.

Explore more options in your city. Be it restaurants, flea markets, exhibitions, museums, local Sunday market explore every nook and corner in search of new and interesting content.  

2) Notice others, but also monitor your growth

Different tricks work for different people. What might work for someone else, may not work for you. Monitor your traffic and compare. Check, compare and then post. Trial and error is the only way to find out what suits you and your followers the best. 

Have a look at what tactics your colleagues or competitors are trying. Observe and adapt, but the final output should be original.

3) Aesthetics, please!

Keep your profile aesthetically pleasing to the eye! Upload a header picture on Twitter, keep your layout neat on Instagram. Use beautiful quotes or breathtaking pictures, totally your choice.

Your bio on social media is of immense importance, don't leave it blank. Instead, be creative and make the most of those 150 characters!

4) Interact

Interact with your followers. Engage your followers in conversations, reply to their comments. Ask questions in your post caption such as "What do you think?", "Share your views", "Tag a friend below" etc. Posting questions in your captions is a great conversation starter! Reply to those comments right away and drive that traffic.

5) Create/ join groups

There are influencer groups and support groups on every social media handle. Look for such groups, falling into your niche, and join them. People in this support group will like your content and engage with it, and by all probability, they might share it with their followers as well. 

You are expected to return the favor, too. These groups will encourage you and help you shape up your skills.

6) Hashtags

Hashtags are like cells for social media, the audience building blocks. These keywords help you find related content and aid others in discovering you. Hashtags are nothing but words following the hash "#" symbol. The hashtag limit for a single instagram post is 30, there's no limit on other platforms.

7) Poper usage of media

A picture tells a hundred words. Proper use of images, videos, links can help you attract more followers and make your content stand out! Don't overdo it, though. Your profile should look neat and organised. Don't mess it up. Use media relevant to your account and genre.

8) Stay updated


Technology today is developing and changing at a very fast pace, keep up with it. There are a lot of apps out there, both available on IOS and Android devices which can help you organize your social media feed, for eg: editing apps, story maker apps, apps for captions etc.

Keep in mind to update your social media apps regularly so you don't miss out on latest fixes and improvements.

9) Like and comment on other


If you interact with somebody's pictures, chances are, they'll wanna return the favor and like your posts, too. This is a tactic very widely used by influencers worldwide. There's also a follow-unfollow method, in which you follow a user, they follow you back and then you unfollow them later. This method, however, is very time-consuming.

10) Post only one kind of content

Webmasters advice aspiring influencers to stick to posting only one kind of content, so their followers know what to expect. Monitor which posting time works for you the best and stick to it. Pick a genre and post about it. A photographer is expected to post pictures from his photography account, not movie reviews.

Follow these easy tips and tricks and watch your social media presence grow! Thank me later.

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