10 effective ways to hold on to your friendship

10 effective ways to hold on to your friendship

Sustaining friendships can be tuff. But here are some easy hacks which will help you to make friends for life. A little love and support can surely go a long way.

A loyal friend is worth more than a hundred lovers. A hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on. A partner in all your crimes, somebody you can count on to have your back, always. But, in our busy lives, we forget to keep in touch with our loved ones and often lose them. Fret not, as we list down some simple and easy tips to trap those beautiful people in your life, forever.

1) Remember their birthdays!

As easy as this might sound, it's really not. Lot of us find it difficult to remember dates and miss out on wishing our friends on their special days. Set reminders, mark your calendars. Wishing them on their birthday will make them feel loved and wanted.

2) Don't bail

We're all guity of bailing from plans we made earlier. Stop doing that. And, if you really can't, make up for it, make up for the time that you promised to spend with your friend and couldn't.

3) Appreciate them

Appreciate your friends. It can be a small cute gesture or a surprise party, anything. Thank them when they do something for you and remind them how grateful you are that they are a part of your life.

4) Celebrate their success like your own

When it comes to friendship, there's no room for jealousy. Be it your friend's promotion or a 100/100 on a test, celebrate their achievements like you would celebrate yours. Let your friends know that they have your unconditional support.

5) Learn to forgive

Nobody's perfect, we all make mistakes. Forgive your friends if they do something to hurt you, unintentionally. Mutual understanding is the key to long lasting relationships. Forgive and forget.

6) No lies

There's no love for liars. Don't lie to your friends. They'll soon start noticing that you're a liar and stop trusting your words. Be so open to your friend that there's nothing to lie about, they understand you. That's what friends are for, right?

7) Don't hesitate to initiate

If it has been quite some time since you've heard from your friend, don't hesitate to hit them up first, instead of waiting for them to text you. Don't wait for them to make plans, take initiative. Go pay them a visit, take them out or a good old phone call will do. 

8) Travel together

Nothing beats travelling with your friends, believe me! You get to explore places, try new foods, stay up all night gossiping with your best friends and you come back home with a memory of a lifetime!! (And unlimited pictures for your timeline)

9) Be a pillow for their tears

Friendship is not just sunny days and brunch dates, it's also cold nights with a broken coffee machine! Be there for your friends when they need you the most. A bad break up, a failed test, a meeting gone wrong? Be your friend's main pep girl! (or boy, we're not sexist)

10) Communicate

Last but not the least, in fact, the most important of all - communicate. Call them, reply to their texts, tag them in memes. Tell them every time something reminds you of them. Create groups, plan get-togethers! Ask them how their day was. Let them know you think of them, appreciate them.

Sustaining and maintaining friendships in today's time can be a tough call, given our busy schedules. But it is our friends who always stand by us through our tough and good times and taking out a little time for them will only bring happiness to them and us. So follow these easy tips and stay connected! 

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