Tina Turner looks fabulous at 78 as she makes her first red carpet appearance in five years

Tina Turner looks fabulous at 78 as she makes her first red carpet appearance in five years

Legendary singer Tina Turner turned heads at her first red carpet appearance since 20131 as she came out in support of a musical about her life.

The legendary rock 'n' roll singer Tina Turner stepped on to the red carpet for the first time in 5 years as she attended the opening of the musical based on her life 'Tina: The Tina Turner Musical.' She attended the event at the Aldwych Theatre in London on Tuesday, April 17, making this her first red carpet appearance since 2013.

The 73-year-old was accompanied to the event by her husband of five years, Erwin Bach, with whom she lives in Château Algonquin, a house by a lake in Küsnacht, next to Zürich, Switzerland. The American-born singer became a Swiss citizen in 2013 and has stayed out of the public eye since her marriage and citizenship change, making a few unofficial appearances at events.

Turner was wearing a gorgeous black suit, lace gloves, and glittery sliver shoes at the event, smiling at the crowd gathered there as her husband stayed by her side. She posed for the cameras with him and even posed with the Tony-nominated actress Adrienne Warren, who was played a songstress in the musical.

Warren is a prolific actress, having starred in the musical 'Dreamgirls' and making her Broadway in 'Bring It On' as the character Danielle. She was nominated for a Tony in 2016 for her roles in 'Shuffle Along, or, the Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed.'

Variety's review of the actress in her role as Turner read, "Her stunningly powerful, extraordinarily controlled performance is way beyond mere perfect impersonation. Eyes flashing in hope or burning with determination, the stage burns with both her energy and the spirit she’s channeling. And she has complete command of her character’s pain and pathos and, best of all, the stillness when needed."

Turner herself was full of praise for the actress, telling BBC News after the event that Warren had met her high expectations. She said, "It's difficult to see someone else do what we did for 40 years. I'm a perfectionist, so I look a little bit critically. But when I look and see it done so well, I feel proud."

Turner added, "And I feel like I'm sending someone - sorry I'm getting emotional - I'm really sending someone out that's going to do a good job and make me proud." She revealed, "The first time [I saw the show] it was difficult because they hadn't come as far as they have come now, it was more to criticise. Tonight, I didn't criticise, it was just to enjoy and feel proud."

Warren also gushed about the singing legend, "I'm just so happy that [Turner] approves of our work and I'm just so excited to share this story, because she is absolutely the best, and I know that sounds cliche. She has helped coach me through this entire process, she gave me so many words of advice and encouragement. I really felt supported throughout, and to this day I feel proud to be there because of her."


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