Bold and beautiful women who wore tattoos along with love on their wedding day

Bold and beautiful women who wore tattoos along with love on their wedding day

There is nothing more appealing to one's eyes, than a bride carrying her tattoo to the love of her life.

1. Every bride has a story, and when they carve it on their skin and carry it with them to their wedding day, you can't help but smile, take this photograph for instance. 


Last night I met a bride who was going to find a "bridal shawl" to wear on top of her dress. Don't you have a leather or denim jacket, I said. She said, oh yeah I do! That's brilliant! ... then she added, I guess I could wear my converse then too! ... Moral of the story: Wear what makes you, YOU. Don't choose your bridal wear for what is expected, chose it because it's you!, wether that means a denim jacket, a white dress, or a rainbow mullet. Keep your wedding personal at every stage! and your memories will be the happiest 😍 . . . #couplesphotography #loveandwildhearts #lovelope #belovedstories #avengetheskies #filmpalette #junebugweddings #indiebride #indiewedding #Lessstuffmoremeaning #offbeatbride #pittsburgh #burghbrides #sandrachile #FirstAndLasts #adventorouslovestories #wedpgh #fpme #huffpostido #buzzfeedwed #bridevibes #bleachmyfilm #ftwotw #under30kyo #tangledinfilm #fridaenamorada [Dress by @katabankobrides ]

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2. What's lovelier than carrying your tattoos with you to meet your significant other on your wedding day? Very few things and if you ever need reaffirmation scroll through this blog piece. 


Excited for saturday's pop up weddings at @barmarcopgh (where this picture was taken) and for some upcoming gigs next week. According to the chinese horoscope, this is the year of the dog, and people born in 1982 like me are dogs, so according to the chinese tradition this is my year, and I want to believe that it is 🙌🏼 . [Suit by @thegroomsmansuit • Dress by @katabankobrides • Hair and makeup by @coltonsdelong • Flowers by @leafhopperdesigns ] . . . —————————————————— 📸 #sandrachile #pittsburgh #WeddingPhotographer #PittsburghPhotographer #funphotographer #elopementphotographer #weddingpittsburgh #destinationphotographer #radcouples#hipsterbride #bride #worldchanger #fotografachilena #filltheheart #gotengaged #isaidyes #Livecolorful #loveandwild #radcouples #wildsouls #rockmywedding #alternativetogs #inclusion

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3. Unsure of whether you want to get inked before you walk down the aisle as a bride? Don't fret and say yes. Maybe even convince your significant other to get a matching tattoo with you. Here's hoping this image fuels and motivates you to get what you desire.

 4. Johnny Depp got it right when he said, "My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story," doesn't this image you believe so? Not everyone can carry a tattoo as well as she can, so kudos to her!

 5. Sylvia Plath wrote in her piece of work titled, Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams: Short Stories, "wear your heart on your skin in this life," and this bride wore both her heart and this beautiful tattoo on her sleeve on her wedding day. 

 6. People who match tattoos, stay together forever. This "team tattoo" rock their wedding with fingers intertwined and eyes interlocked.


Could these team tattoos be any cuter? #daymade #weddingplanner

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 7. Nothing is more serene than adorning yourself with permanent tattoos on your skin, they'll immortalize your love along with themselves. 

 8. And someone wise once said, "a tattoo on your wedding day, keeps divorce eternally away" and this couple looks undeniably happy, don't they?

9.  Nothing is sexier than a confident woman, they said, and she heard it and carried it with her on her wedding day! 

10. What's more beautiful than matching your bridal flowers with the ink on your skin, nothing other than love you have for the one you are going to marry.

11. We can feel the love in this picture, just look at her smile! 



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12. This picture captures the perfect emotion that every bride goes through before her wedding. 


A year ago, such a beauty

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