Philadelphia police chief defends his officers, says they 'did nothing wrong' in Starbucks arrest

Philadelphia police chief defends his officers, says they 'did nothing wrong' in Starbucks arrest

Officers received a trespassing call from Starbucks after two men allegedly used the restroom without making a purchase, which goes against company policy

Philadephia's police commissioner on Saturday defended his officers after two black men were arrested from a Starbucks outlet, after staff members called on the authorities against the men for "trespassing."

The chain and the cops came under fire after a video of the Thursday incident went viral.

Philadelphia Police Department Commissioner Richard Ross claimed in a video posted to Facebook that authorities received a trespassing call from the outlet after the two men reportedly used the toilet without making a purchase, violating company policy while doing the same, reported Fox News.

Ross said that the men were asked thrice by responding officers to leave. However, they were subsequently detained after they refused to listen to the authorities and were ultimately released after the company decided not to pursue charges.

“The police did not just happen upon this event, they did not just walk into Starbucks to get a coffee,” he said. “They were called there, for a service, and that service had to do with quelling a disturbance, a disturbance that had to do with trespassing."

The commissioner asserted that his officers were simply enforcing the company's rules and did what they were expected to do.

"These officers did absolutely nothing wrong" and were professional in their conduct toward the individuals but "got the opposite back," he said.

Being a black man himself, Ross claimed that the department makes sure that officers receive "implicit bias training" for such situations.

"I will say, that as an African-American male, I am very aware of implicit bias," Ross says in the video. "We are committed to fair and unbiased policing and anything less than that will not be tolerated in this department."


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