After multiple miscarriages, couple finds solace in throwing birthday parties for homeless kids

After multiple miscarriages, couple finds solace in throwing birthday parties for homeless kids

A charity started by the couple believes every child deserves a birthday party, they do it every month, and are reaching more kids.

No matter how much we believe in equality or fairness or good things, one can hardly filter the less privileged fringes of reality, which has been a problematized phenomenon for civilizations all over. Yes, we count them in our calculations and feel bad about it, but how fair are we about our actions towards them? And what does it all mean to the homeless kids of Loss Angeles?


Mary Davis has been trying to apply simpler answers to these questions by throwing huge birthday parties for the homeless in downtown Los Angeles. Davis’ approach has been supported by her husband, both of whom feel that the world can be made a better place, little by little. 

Davis told CBS News, “When you're on the rooftop, it feels like ‘you are on top of the world', but that's not a feeling the young guests are used to, because they're homeless.”

Davis and her husband came up with an idea that children who had no homes or family also deserve to have their birthdays celebrated. After all, as social animals, we humans like belonging to a people or have someone to call home, and those kids did not do anything to deserve otherwise. "We are in ground zero for Skid Row and children who live here," Davis said.

Davis and her husband have had losses of their own. After going through the pain of two miscarriages, the couples decided that their way could allow them to give back to the society, and thus, they began a charity named ‘Worthy of Love’ – which believes that every child deserves a party. 

"So many children in Skid Row needed to feel important and loved," Davis recalls. "We didn't realize how much joy they were going to bring us, and that was so healing for me." 

When the beginnings were humble and Davis’ small starts had only 15 children at the shelter, it did not stop them from giving it their all. And they could see the scales tipping to the count of 200 kids at this month’s party, after six years of determination and hard work, CBS News reports of dancing, games and cake at the party.

"I still want them to live a normal life, you know? I don't want them to feel no kind of way because we're in a tough situation right now. I want them to still be kids," said Crystan Randell, Briana's mother. Briana’s birthday was celebrated by Worthy of Love, who turned 12 this month.

How much does it help the homeless kids’ statistics? Is it guaranteed? Nobody knows, and how much does the overall change matter to the kids, who just want a home? One thing is for sure that some light touches these lives with the efforts of the couple, who have now seen more than 6000 kids smile at a cake and blow out their candles and celebrated their birthdays with a bang.

Now the couple has their own little one, a baby girl who awaits her first birthday, which would be celebrated in the same place. "I want her to grow up knowing, there are kids that don't get everything that you have," Davis pointed out. "You have to bless others and bring happiness and joy to those that need it most.”

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