Husband proposed his wife again after losing everything in wildfire

Husband proposed his wife again after losing everything in wildfire

A ring survives despite the fire burns the house down, this is what the husband decides to do while ashes are still settling

It is not every day that we see people lose everything to a calamity or a force of nature. Despite the frequency of wildfire, one can never get used to the chaos it brings along and despairs it leaves in its wake. One can hardly ever calculate the loss people go through on multiple fronts, one of them also being the sense of security and permanence. How can one get back on their feet from that?

That is not a question that bothered Ishu Rao, who not only got back on his feet after his house was consumed by the wildfire but also went down on his knee to propose his wife to marry him again right after. The firefighters who were tackling the Holiday Fire in the north of Goleta, California on Sunday were astonished to witness the couple in a touching moment.

Ishu and Laura Rao were looking for Laura's wedding ring in the rubble of their destroyed house when they found it had survived. Eliason Mike of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department posted the pictures on Twitter a report by The Huffington Post confirms. 

The fire officials were touched to see a symbol of a new start right after a tragic adversity had taken away everything they had. However, the couple seems to be braving through the ordeal like pros, maybe because they have each other and they know it. 

The couple didn't know where to look initially, but had a fair idea where it might have been, said Mike Eliason, who is also the spokesperson for the fire department. When they found the damaged ring, Ishu Rao dropped to one knee and asked his wife to marry him again. What do you think she would have said?

Eliason recalls that the moment had come as a surprise to the crew which was with Ishu and Laura at the time. Since Eliason was a former photographer for a newspaper, who couldn't help but capture the emotional moment. 

The fire that had started on Friday had already burned almost close to 100 acres of land by Sunday. The wildfire blaze, also known as Holiday Fire, was brought under control up to 80% by the firefighters. Dozens of homes were destroyed and one of them belonged to Ishu and Laura Rao on the Fairview Avenue, where the couple had lived for three years.

The officials confirm that 13 homes were destroyed, three suffered heavy damage and almost 15 more buildings such as barns and sheds were also destroyed. However, the cause of the fire is yet to be determined. 

Well, as they say, true love conquers all, seems Ishu and Laura have each other through every thick and thin of their lives to support and love each other, every day.

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