French family escapes being the dinner of a pack of cheetahs

French family escapes being the dinner of a pack of cheetahs

A french family of five decide that it would be a good idea to leave their car in front of cheetahs to photograph them

A family from France fled for their lives after being chased by a coalition of cheetahs after they got out of the car in a Dutch Safari Park. They had initially only stopped to photograph the cheetahs but decided to get out of the car and do the same - which was prohibited. 

As reported by the Daily Mail, It took place in a drive-through safari park in the Netherlands -and they clearly and obviously stated that one should be inside the car at all times, however, the family decided to pursue their passion for photography by being as much a part of the wild as the cheetahs were. 




It wasn't very surprising when the cheetahs began to chase them, resulting in the family fleeing to save their dear lives. They had a near-death experience but successfully managed to escape being a meal to the cheetahs. 

A video footage was filmed by the witness in the Beekse Bergen, drive-through African wildlife safari park, south of the Netherlands, depicts the family being chased by the cheetahs to make the unbelievable slightly more credible.  


Not only did the family ignore the park's strict instructions to not leave their car - but also decided to get off a few dozen feet away from the pack of predators who were basking in the sun and take photographs of them with them. This outrageous behavior was new to the animals which probably threatened them enough to come chasing after them. 

This was the second time they decided to get out of the car, the first time being a little up the road where they climbed out of their car and began taking photographs before driving down. Despite knowing that they were nearing their own predator's the group comprising of three adults and two children were soon seen being chased down by the world's fastest land animal.

The mother even tried to pick up the youngest child and casually shoo off the cheetah as if she were dealing with pigeons. She continued to stride back to her car instead of running for her life, even when the cheetahs came threateningly close to her. 









The family's ability to move back in the car unscathed was most miraculous and a spokesperson for the Beekse Bergen park reemphasized who the park absolutely does not encourage such behavior stating once again that it is forbidden to leave your vehicle while in the park.

He even says, "we inform visitors about the risks in several languages throughout the park," requesting people to pay more attention to the safety instructions before the safari ride commences. 



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