Mum performs gravity-defying pole dancing moves despite being heavily pregnant

Mum performs gravity-defying pole dancing moves despite being heavily pregnant

Born in Gainesville, Florida, Sipes, who is due on April 7th, has competed as a national junior Olympic gymnast in the past and has a background in professional dance training.

PS: If you don't believe what I just said, you must visit her social media profiles that show her pulling off some incredible stunts on the pole without breaking a sweat. 

(Instagram/Allison Sipes)
(Instagram/Allison Sipes)

And if her words are to be believed, pregnancy hasn't slowed her down in any way whatsoever. 

“I am very fortunate to have been able to continue pole dancing and aerial arts throughout my pregnancy,” Sipes told The Independent. “I have had the support of my OB [obstetrician] and my pole community, and I look forward to returning to the pole once I recover from giving birth,” she added further. 

(Instagram/Allison Sipes)
(Instagram/Allison Sipes)

In Sipes’ most recent attempt at 'dance-daredevilry', she uploaded an Instagram video where she is hanging upside down from a pole and performing a headstand.

“#37weeks pregnant doing some #pregnantyoga and a #pdironx check in!” she captioned the video, adding, “Not long now before the baby comes!”

"I'm still going strong at almost 38 weeks, and plan to continue until labor," she was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

Notwithstanding earlier research work (Technical University of Madrid) that purports that exercising during pregnancy helps in reducing the time spent labor, many of her followers expressed their fears over her gravity-defying skills, while some couldn't hold their amazement after watching what Sipes does best.

“Women really do rule the world,” one person wrote. 

“This is beyond amazing! Can’t imagine doing this not pregnant, let alone full term,” another commented. 

Should I yelp in fear and watch in amazement? I still don't know.


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