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Rob Kardashian remains low-key as he attends daughter Dream's 7th birthday at spa-themed celebration

Dream's mother Blac Chyna was not present at this birthday event, but celebrated it separately
Rob Kardashian recently celebrated his daughter Dream's 7th birthday (@robkardashianofficial/Instagram)
Rob Kardashian recently celebrated his daughter Dream's 7th birthday (@robkardashianofficial/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Dream Kardashian celebrated her seventh birthday in style, with her father there to help!

The little diva celebrated her birthday on Friday, November 10, with an extravagant spa-themed celebration.

Rob Kardashian's daughter's seventh birthday

Dream's father, Rob Kardashian, as well as friends and family, including her cousin True Thompson and aunt Khloe Kardashian, were present, as reported by Okmagazine. Dream's mother Blac Chyna was not present at this birthday, but celebrated it separately.

Khole Kardashian was present at party

The 36-year-old was visible in the background of a video showing his support for his daughter on her special day, but appeared to keep low-key during his only child's celebrations. Rob's sister Khloe, 39, captured much of it on her snapchat stories.

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A post shared by Khloé Kardashian (@khloekardashian)


When Rob appeared in the video, children were lining up to smash a pink pinata that was shaped like the number seven. Rob was wearing black shorts, a black T-shirt, sneakers, and a baseball cap. Rob stood stoically in the yard with his hands in his pockets.

He was seen proudly watching his and his ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna's daughter having a great time at the sparkly, all-pink party when Khloe quickly panned the camera to show him standing slightly off to the side, as per reports.

Khloe Kardashian shares pictures(Khloekardashian/snapchat)

The brief clip seemed to be the only video of Rob's unusual sighting, but Khloe uploaded a ton of videos showing Dream and her five-year-old daughter True enjoying every moment of the lavish celebration.

All of the adorable young girls looked stunning in pink bathrobes and matching headbands, adding to the spa-like atmosphere. A glam squad styled their hair and applied "makeup" to ensure the children looked their best for the celebration.

The birthday had bubble bath party theme(Kholekardashian/snapchat)

There was even a station where you could make masks. True created an avocado mask and applied it to her face, finishing her spa day by covering her eyes with two big cucumbers.

Naturally, a massive balloon arch that surrounded the entrance to the party's indoor and outdoor areas was necessary for it to be a truly spectacular affair.

Dream and True posed under an arch made of various-sized baby pink balloons and cutouts of various spa tools, like a hair dryer, brush, scissors, and last but not least, an enormous cardboard cartoon cutout that appeared to be the birthday girl, in a photo taken from Khloe's Instagram Story. Dream and True were holding onto their dessert from the shaved-ice station of the soiree.

The sophisticated children toasted with a "cheers" before beginning to sip pink lemonade from champagne flutes!

Dream's amazing spa featured a 'bubble bath' party

In addition, Dream's amazing spa featured a "bubble bath" ball pit that she and her companions entered using two sizable pink slides. Dream's desserts included a large birthday cake with a theme, along with cake pops, donut pops, and cookies shaped like spatulas, in addition to the shaved ice station.

Black Chyna celebrated Dream's birthday at another event

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A post shared by Monique Greene Aka Mogreene (@omg_itsmogreene)


On the other hand, Black Chyna also celebrated her daughter's birthday with a princess and the frog themed event. The bash even had a similar theme cake. Chyna's pals shared the pictures of the party on Instagram with beautiful photos of the daughter and mother duo.

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