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Sam Asghari's career thriving despite rumors of being blacklisted after Britney Spears split, sources say

An insider had earlier claimed Sam Asghari was 'damaged goods' after splitting up from Britney Spears
Sam Asghari and Britney Spears' marriage lasted only 14 months (Getty Images)
Sam Asghari and Britney Spears' marriage lasted only 14 months (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Sam Asghari, the 29-year-old ex-husband of pop sensation Britney Spears, has managed to stay busy in Hollywood even after their split, defying reports that his career had plateaued.

Sources had earlier claimed Asghari's career took a slight dip after the divorce, but a new report suggests otherwise.

(Getty images)
Sam Asghari reportedly has a full schedule despite his split from Britney Spears (Getty Images)

Sam Asghari was earlier called 'damaged goods'

A source had told National Enquirer, "Sam made a lot of connections while he was with Britney, but now he's damaged goods."

Asghari served Spears with divorce papers on August 16, after just 14 months of marriage and in the midst of allegations of physical abuse on both sides. He cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

Sam 'got high-profile jobs without having to pay his dues'

The source alleged, "Sam's learning a tough lesson, He was only famous and tolerated because of Britney. He got high-profile jobs without having to pay his dues — all because of her. Now, the same people he thought were his friends aren't taking his calls," as reported by RadarOnline.

However, Sam has no trouble finding work, according to new reports, and his schedule is full despite the allegations.

Recently, Asghari came under fire from Spears' followers for his interview with Interview magazine, which included lyrics by the 'Lucky' singer. Fans criticized the spread, titled "Sam Asghari Drives Them Crazy," calling it "tasteless" in light of his split from the pop princess.

One outraged fan posted on X, "I’m sorry this is just tasteless…. An interview with a magazine the week Britney’s memoir is being released … with lyrics and song titles that are 100% associated with Britney? Just another person using Britney to get attention for themselves."

Another said, "This will be his gimmick for the rest of his life Being Britney’s ex."



Britney lauds Sam as 'gift from god'

Britney lauded Sam in her latest book, referring to him as a "gift from god." The singer noted she was "instantly smitten" when she first met Asghari on a music video set in 2016.

She said, "We couldn't keep our hands off each other." In response, Sam expressed his happiness and pride for Britney's memoir's success to the paparazzi.

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