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Security Camera Captures Woman Breaking Into a Happy Dance After Acing Job Interview | “She Had a Great Energy”

She had reportedly been homeless for almost two years before she landed the job. The viral video has since changed her life.
Image Source: Instagram | dakara_spence
Image Source: Instagram | dakara_spence

Kayallah Jones couldn't help but break into dance when she bagged a job after being homeless for almost two years. Jones and her happy dance spread millions of smiles across the internet when the employer decided to post the surveillance footage in which she was seen dancing. The 13-second-long viral footage shows the young lady walking up to the parking lot, then breaking into a celebratory dance, and then walking away as if nothing had happened. Posted by Dakara Spence, the manager of the Atlanta restaurant where Jones was interviewed, the video currently sits at 2 million views on Instagram

Image Source: Instagram | dakara_spence
Image Source: Instagram | dakara_spence

"So I just hired this young girl and this was her response," Spence captioned the post. According to Atlanta's CBS 46, Jones had been homeless for two years and lost all her jobs during the pandemic. Her life took a turn when she successfully impressed Spence with her enthusiastic and positive spirit.

"When I got outside I didn’t know that the cameras caught me," Jones told the network. Spence revealed that while she saw something special in the young woman when she interviewed her, it was the dance that really sealed the deal. "She had a great energy. I felt it as soon as she walked in. She seemed really positive," said Spence.


"I called her phone and I said I’m going to hire you and I saw your happy dance so you can continue dancing," she revealed. "She was just screaming through the phone and it was just a beautiful moment for me." Jones is now officially a server at The Spot and she is extremely grateful to Spence for changing her life almost overnight both by giving her the job and posting the video on social media, which has since opened many doors to the pair. "Ms. Dakara didn’t know but I was going through so much and at that point when she gave me this chance and this opportunity," Jones said.

Back in 2020, the pair appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where Spence explained how she felt a special bond with Jones because she saw a bit of herself in the young lady. 


"I just saw myself in her because I know what it's like to be turned away from a job. Recently, I had other work somewhere in Georgia and I got turned away for my hair. They told me I can't return back until I have put some type of gel in it. And I just quit. I was like I don't want to stay here no more. I said, if I ever have the opportunity to pass a job on to somebody else, I would never turn them away," she revealed. "And then when [Jones] came in, I was like, I like her. She's great. She made me laugh the entire time. So she's amazing. I love her."

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