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'She deserves to be happy': David Beckham offers advice to Travis Kelce amid romance with Taylor Swift

David Beckham compared the media frenzy around Travis Kelce's relationship with Taylor Swift to the time he started dating Victoria
David Beckham offered some encouraging words to Taylor Swift and her rumored boyfriend Travis Kelce (@killatrav,davidbeckham,taylorswift/Instagram)
David Beckham offered some encouraging words to Taylor Swift and her rumored boyfriend Travis Kelce (@killatrav,davidbeckham,taylorswift/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In the midst of rumors regarding Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's relationship status, co-owner of Inter Miami and football legend David Beckham gave the singer/songwriter some encouraging words, saying that she deserves to be happy.

Beckham had encountered a similar level of attention earlier in his relationship with Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham.

David Beckham addresses 'noise around Taylor'

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A post shared by David Beckham (@davidbeckham)


The former Manchester United legend responded to a question about Taylor's alleged relationship by saying, "I know there's a lot of noise around Taylor at the moment. Taylor is an amazing talent, and she's an amazing person, and she deserves to be happy," as reported by People.

David Beckham feels Taylor's Swift's happiness comes first

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A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)


Swift's happiness comes first, Beckham emphasized, no matter what she chooses or who she is with. According to reports, American football tight end Kelce and singer Taylor Swift are rumored to be dating.

On September 24, Swift was seen conversing with Kelce's mother, Donna, in his suite at the Kansas City Chiefs game.

Beckham compared Kelce's relationship with Swift to his own with Victoria. The couple, who have been together for over two decades, have four children -Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Beckham.

Beckham and Victoria's marriage

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A post shared by David Beckham (@davidbeckham)


He said, "It is the same with me and Victoria. We've been together now for 26 years, almost three decades."

He added, "We have got amazing kids, we've built businesses but we make time for each other. We respect each other, and we love our kids. You have to work hard at these things, and yes, we've been together for a long time."

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift spotted together 

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A post shared by SportsCenter (@sportscenter)


Following the Chiefs' victory over the Chicago Bears, Swift and the NFL star were seen leaving the Arrowhead Stadium together. As they made their way to the afterparty, the singer was seen acting affectionately toward Kelce by placing her arm around his neck.

Then, on Sunday, the pop star attracted attention when she attended the Chiefs vs New York Jets game at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively were with Swift as they passed through the security checkpoint at the stadium.

NBC covers Swift throughout Chiefs vs New York Jets game 

Swift was featured several times during NBC's coverage of the game, including a shot in which she had her arm around Kelce's mother, who proudly wore her son's jersey, as she usually does. Swift is currently on tour with her Eras Tour, which will resume on November 9 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as reported by Mirror.

About 20 minutes before the game's start, NBC aired several promotional spots for a documentary about the tour. The advertisements featured her brand-new music while also promoting the tour's return.

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