'She is no role model': Megyn Kelly Slams Megan Rapinoe for disrespecting national anthem in her final game

Megan Rapinoe had her hands behind her back during the national anthem at Sunday's game

'She is no role model': Megyn Kelly Slams Megan Rapinoe for disrespecting national anthem in her final game
Megyn Kelly mocked Megan Rapinoe on Tuesday's 'The Megyn Kelly Show' podcast episode (@megynkelly, mrapinoe/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Megyn Kelly took another shot at soccer star Megan Rapinoe on Tuesday's 'The Megyn Kelly Show' podcast episode.

On Sunday, September 24, during her final game for the US women's national soccer team, the 38-year-old athlete continued her national anthem protest, which Kelly referred to as her "last middle finger" to the country that "made her rich."


Megyn Kelly says Megan Rapinoe looked 'angry the entire time'

The journalist said, "Scowling with her hands behind her back as the little girls in front of her put their hands on their heart. She doesn't say one word. She doesn't touch her heart. She looks angry the entire time she's out there."

Kelly then listed Rapinoe's numerous accomplishments, including receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Joe Biden and being "celebrated" alongside her partner, Sue Bird, in "virtually every magazine."

"Still, she can't find even the gesture of putting her hand on her heart with a country that's made her rich, famous just for playing a sport she supposedly loved while she sets a terrible example for our little girls," Kelly added.

Megyn Kelly claims Rapinoe 'is no role model'

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She continued, "All I can say is thank God those girls were looking forward and not looking back at Megan Rapinoe, Let's hope it's true metaphorically, in addition to being an actual physical reality, because she is no role model. Good riddance."

Kelly expressed her wish that Rapinoe would "ride off into the sunset" with Bird, saying she would "never have to listen to her comment on any soccer game or anything" again.

'Megan Rapinoe is a disgrace'

The athlete, according to Kelly, doesn't "deserve" that because she is allegedly unappreciative of the support she has received throughout her career in the United States, she continued.

She was supported by Carrie Prejean Boller, who asserted that Rapinoe was "the epitome of narcissism" and that "most normal people" in the nation "can't stand" her.

Boller continued, "Think of all the 'privileges' she's had. Think of all the money that she's made. She's an absolute national disgrace to our country."

The former Miss California said, "I'm so glad that she's done playing soccer. She's ruined women's soccer. She's a national disgrace, that Megan Rapinoe. Now, she's on the cover of all these magazines. I am so disgusted with her. I'm done. I'm so done."

Kelly's history of digs at soccer star

In recent months, Kelly has repeatedly criticized the professional soccer player for her purported "wokeism" on her podcast. She even implied that the US women's soccer team lost a match earlier this summer because "they've allowed themselves to be led into oblivion" by Rapinoe and her personal politics, as reported by Okmagaizne.

"Now, they're losers. That's what they are, they're losers, that's what happened. I remain infuriated by it," she said in an August episode of her show.

Kelly added, "She's able to laugh, it's all about her [Rapinoe]. It trickled down to where – other than three girls who half-assed the national anthem — they wouldn't sing [the national anthem]. They refused to honor the country."

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