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Taylor Swift enjoyed booze-filled expensive night out with girl pals but did not pick up the tab

Apart from her pals Blake Lively and Sophie Turner, the night out also included new faces like Patrick Mahomes' wife Brittany Mahomes
Taylor Swift had a girls' night out in September (Instagram/ @taylorswift)
Taylor Swift had a girls' night out in September (Instagram/ @taylorswift)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Taylor Swift reportedly had quite a night with her girl gang on September 30 in New York City, which included her pals Blake Lively and Sophie Turner.

However, there were a few new faces too, like Patrick Mahomes' wife Brittany Mahomes.

The singer and her pals enjoyed Italian food and several cocktails, which apparently cost a lot, at Emilio’s Ballato. But The Mirror reported that Swift did not have to pay for it.

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What did Taylor Swift and her girls have on their night out?

The publication citing a receipt from the outing obtained by the 'Deux U' podcast said that the girls had two bottles each of San Pellegrino and Aqua Pana water initially.

They then began ordering alcoholic drinks. The unnamed podcaster reportedly said, “Someone had two Cosmopolitans, it better have been Taylor.”

The podcast host reported that two martinis, two Aperol spritz, and one Michter's along with a bottle of red and white wine were also asked by the ‘Bad Blood’ singer and her group.

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Besides, the food items that the famous faces relished were a Caesar salad, three Polish meatballs, and two dishes of spaghetti Bolognese.

It has been reported that the total bill for the night came to $3,938 but Swift did not have to settle it up.

It was Blake Lively's party

Reports have said that the massive amount was paid by Lively, who also went on to give $500 as a tip.

The Deux U podcast’s host called Lively’s gesture "really odd" since the outing was reportedly planned by Swift, who called her apparent new friends as well.

A publicist said, ‘Sophie and Blake are genuine friends’

This comes as a source disclosed the inside news about the fun evening.

They reportedly said, “They dined in a private room. Everyone had a blast. They all got along and were just laughing all night over drinks and delicious food.”

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Besides, Dara Avenius, the publicist and founder of Fascinate Media, shared, “It's interesting that Brittany is now joining Taylor’s girl gang. I think Sophie and Blake are genuine friends as we’ve seen them hanging together now for years and Blake’s kids' names have been mentioned in Taylor’s songs.”

The social media expert continued, “It should be interesting to see if Brittany, who is a bit controversial on her own, becomes a genuine friend and part of the girl gang.”

“The reports say she and Taylor hit it off when they met. Is that true or is she including her because she’s her new BF’s bestie’s wife? I guess time will show!” Avenius added.

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