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A Gift Beyond Measure From Appreciative Students Brings Tears of Joy to Teacher’s Eyes

Ms. PowPow was overwhelmed with emotion when her students pooled their resources together to give her a heartfelt Christmas present.
Cover Image Source: TikTok/salene_tran
Cover Image Source: TikTok/salene_tran

Some teachers are truly remarkable and their students' love for them is evident. It's the law of the universe that you reap what you sow and this amazing teacher, Ms.PowPow, had a truly special Christmas surprise in 2022. Her beloved students pooled their resources together to surprise her with a gift as a show of gratitude for her dedication and hard work. Her emotional response to the present was captured on video and shared on TikTok by @salene_tran with the caption: "She deserves the world."

The clip, which racked up over 8.9 million views, was also eventually reshared on Reddit by u/pandabatron. The clip shows Ms.PowPow beaming with joy and tears of appreciation as she opens her gift. It is clear that she is an amazing teacher who has been an immense source of support to her students and this surprise was a beautiful demonstration of love and appreciation from them.

Ms. PowPow is overwhelmed with emotion as her students implore her to open their gifts. She first reveals a heartfelt thank you card from the class which brings her to tears. The teacher is then stunned to find a Steelers team jersey—her favorite NFL team—with "PowPow" printed on it. The room erupts with joy over her emotional reaction to the thoughtful gift. The sheer love and thoughtfulness her students put into the gift are too much for her to take in as she lets out an excited scream and sheds joyful tears.

Image Source: TikTok/salene_tran
Image Source: TikTok/salene_tran

People voiced their admiration for the students' hard work in the comments section. Reddit user u/Dapper_Cable_4929 wrote: "The beauty of true love. When a good person brings their heart with them to the classroom and the kids respond. This is what it’s all about. When I taught, it was most important to me that the students knew somebody really cared. Sometimes you’re the only one. Grades are important but not as much as making sure they knew they were important and cared about just as they are. And look what happens!"

Another Redditor by the username u/LoveLadyThirteen said: "As a teacher, I can confirm it can be a totally thankless position. But WOW can you tell she absolutely loves what she does and truly, truly loves each and every one of her students."


u/dsnow04 noted: "That was awesome. Just shows what a wonderful teacher she must be and what's even better is that with the current climate in this country, it is refreshing to see this class of diversity be so together in their apparent love and appreciation of their teacher." 

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