These Four Sisters Are All Set To Embrace Motherhood Synchronously

Four sisters sharing the joy of simultaneous pregnancies. They express sheer amazement at this unexpected and exciting coincidence.

These Four Sisters Are All Set To Embrace Motherhood Synchronously
Newborn babies. Cover Image Source: China Photos | Getty Images

In an unexpected twist, four sisters are simultaneously expecting babies, and they view it as a delightful surprise and an unplanned coincidence that they are thrilled to experience together. While some assume they coordinated this, one of the sisters, Jessica Hanna, clarified that it was not planned, especially considering two of them sought fertility assistance. "It's just, God works in mysterious ways," she told Good Morning America. Jessica, along with her sisters Jordan Sutton, Jenna Primsky, and Jaden Lortz, eagerly anticipate their babies' arrival this year. The eldest sister, Sutton, aged 27, will be the first to embrace motherhood as she awaits the arrival of her baby in August with her husband, Dylan.

The couple has decided to keep the baby's gender a surprise. Following Sutton, Primsky, aged 33, and Lortz, aged 25, are expecting their own little ones. In a remarkable twist of fate, the oldest sister and the youngest sibling share the same due date of October 1. Primsky and her husband, Mike, are anticipating the birth of their second son, while Lortz, who is becoming a mother for the first time at 25, is expecting a baby girl with her husband, Jake.



Hanna, who discovered her pregnancy in March, is set to give birth on November 11. Alongside her husband, Nolan, she eagerly anticipates their baby girl's arrival, who will join their family just a month before Christmas. The sisters and their respective families have made plans to gather in Nebraska for the holiday season, allowing for a joyous reunion. While Sutton kept everyone's exciting news under wraps, Hanna was the last to discover the surprising developments in April.

Sutton mentioned, "It was kind of hard to know all the secrets for the longest. I guess I started something with getting pregnant first." Hanna recounted, "It was around Easter. I had little cookies made that said 'Baby Hanna, coming November 2023,' and I gave that to Jena and Jaden before we had dinner on Easter, and they were both kind of, like, in shock." Primsky mentioned that their mother was also aware of everyone's pregnancies during the holiday season.



Despite residing in different states, the sisters, who originally hail from Dallas but later relocated to Nebraska, manage to stay in touch. Currently, Lortz lives in Texas, Primsky in Colorado, and Sutton and Hanna are both in Nebraska. They stay closely connected through a group chat affectionately named "Bumpin" to keep each other updated on each other's lives. Lortz expressed her belief that going through pregnancy alongside her sisters has deepened their bond as siblings. She explained how she had a different bond with each of her sisters over her life and then said, "But this experience, with all four of us, is way different. I think it's brought us closer together in a different way."